The Norwegian anti-Islamic group "Stopp islamiseringen av Norge" will hold a rally outside of the Parliament building in Oslo today. Large counter-protests are expected. The last time the group held a rally the leader was attacked & Beaten.
The rally is set to begin in 10 minutes. I will provide y'all with live updates.
Massive police presence reported ahead of the rally
Livestream from the POV of "Stopp islamiseringen av Norge"
Another Livestream from the POV of the protesters
So far, normal activism is taking place in the form of chants, no violence. A large security perimeter is around the group for extra security.
Crowds of people are "shaking the fence". Seems like they are trying to breach the security perimeter.
"The fence is going to fall", SIAN says.

Things are getting tense now
More police are arriving
Horses are arriving -- Witness
The first fire reported today. Could be one of many
Situation remains tense
Fence still standing even though it is being pushed
Police are dispersing some protesters gathered on the right side of the rally.
A small group of aggressive counter-protests are being pushed back by police ( @FilterNyheter)
SIAN is getting a Quran, this is about to get very heated
Pushed back
She is now ripping pages from the Quran
The police have arrested multiple people who tried to attack the group
Seems like the person who ripped pages from the Quran was attacked & hit by protesters.
Seems like the police are preparing to deploy tear gas
One person has been injured, unknown if it's a SIAN member or counter-protester
Video from the moment when several people breached the security perimeter ( @FilterNyheter)
Another video from the counter-protests, police are using pepper spray. ( @FilterNyheter)
SIAN has ended their rally
Eggs are being thrown towards the police
SIAN is going to escorted away from the area by police. The situation remains "unsafe".
Anger from protesters is now aimed towards the police. Eggs, water, tomatoes etc are being thrown towards the police cars
One person just climbed the cars, onlookers are cheering
A lot of stuff is being thrown towards the cars now
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