1/4 I believe Pakistan management have to decide upon Malik & Hafeez’s future. It’s not about personal choices. Had ICC World T 20 not been postponed their presence could make sense. Now it’s time to allow youngsters arriving at least in T 20 Internationals
2/4 Haider Ali, Kushdil Shah have to be given opportunities before they are also lost to us. One can’t deny how much Malik & Hafeez have served Pakistan cricket however it’s time for them to let youngsters come in & take control. Similarly M. Rizwan has a future beckoning
3/4 Have we given up on Sarfraz or do we still think he warrants another go in white ball cricket. We can prioritise Rizwan for now as a Test player & have Safi playing in white ball cricket. Let’s get maximum out of Sarfraz.
4/4 Instead of having him on the bench better if they think he is over, then let Rizwan be there with another understudy. I see Rizwan, in due course taking up the captaincy. He has grit. If we had Hasnain then there seemed little sense letting Shaheen play in T 20 Is?
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