It's now clear that the vigilante call out in Kenosha was a strategic step by the far right. The US progressive movements now need their leaders to clearly enunciate the threat - stop hoping it won't happen 1/...
... the transition period looks set to be marked by mass hysteria and unrest by the white supremacists clustered around QAnon and the anti-Federal movements... 3/
4/ I see no public leadership from the US progressive/ left right now - only protest. But protest has to be harnessed to a strategy - while the word "strategist" has come to mean the opposite of what's now needed...
6/ ... when Von Papen staged a coup against the socialist led Prussian government (1932), workers appeared at their "action stations" (only to be demobilised by the SPD) ... because they knew the drill in advance 👇🏽see Donna Harsch's book (and mine forthcoming)
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