Sidnaazians I’m sorry if this hurts u but I just wanna confess...
1. She will never be a priority in life life. Period. Someone/something will always be above her and she’ll happily compromise. Sid fans are happy with her and commend her for it. Sana stans hate it +
2. He does not have her best interest at heart. No matter what u guys say, when it comes to choosing best for him vs choosing best for her, he always chooses himself and she always chooses him. She is selfless and he is not. Nothing wrong but she deserves what she gives. +
3. He is a good human, no doubt and I even respect him but he will always, always be practical and she will adjust. He will not adjust for her and she will never be practical when it comes to him. Again, sidnaaz fans will praise her and sana stans will hate it. +
4. People are okay with him not even doing the bare minimum for her but the bar for her to prove herself is so high every damn time. Hate the hypocrisy but I guess this is the society we live in even in 2020. +

5. He “guides” her because she can be easily manipulated. She thinks she cannot be, but she is a very easy target. You are free to disagree, its my personal opinion. And, we have seen time and again, him using her words said jokingly as an attack to her +
inspite of knowing that its just her personality. Hell would break lose if she ever did that.
6. The constant taunts in media and on public platform clearly show the lack of respect he has for her. He will never taunt his mother or sisters that way because +

he has immense respect for them. Im nt putting her on a pedestal wid them, but since ppl here love comparisons so lets have them. And she will gracefully ignore those taunts & attacks, and put him and her friendship before herself and think of it as no big deal. This is toxic AF.
7. Yes I liked them in the beginning when they were just friends but ppl on sm have created them into this couple madly in love n have gotten obsessed wid them. You like the idea of these 2 personalities falling in love. But if you analyze it them as individuals from a 3rd +
person view, you will realize that them being in a relationship would not be healthy and rather toxic. Ppl here have little to no knowledge of what toxic vs healthy relationships look like due to their lack of exposure so I’m not expecting anyone to agree/disagree +
Im just here to put forth my personal opinions. I didnt watch bb13 n started liking her personality thru random clips. I went back and watched it recently and realized a lot you have “assumed” a lot of things. Try to look at things from a different angle and the view may change✌🏻
I’m expecting backlash and abuses. Some people will abuse here without even reading or understanding what I’m trying to say. To them, I’m above you and my way of interaction is something y’all wish you had. If anyone intellectual is reading this, share ur thoughts! #ShehnaazGill
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