I almost ignored this tweet entirely because it’s just so weak & devoid of fact. But who am I to pass on an opportunity to enlighten a Minister with evidence? Minister @prasadpandayyc, please take the time to consider the following:
#ableg https://twitter.com/prasadpandayyc/status/1299392957330587650
“Unlike past recessions, where job losses were concentrated in manufacturing & construction & most of the unemployed were men, this recession is concentrated in the service sector, & most of the unemployed are women.” (from conservative @KenBoessenkool) https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/opinion/article-canadians-need-child-care-benefits-to-withstand-a-covid-19-recession/
“That’s why the classic post-recession prescription of pouring government money into shovel-ready projects — while useful to revamp Canada’s aging infrastructure — will do little to revive the economy this time.” https://globalnews.ca/news/6907589/canada-coronavirus-she-session/amp/
And of course, what I said in the House was that capital spending is a sector dominated by men & “it’s clear these jobs are welcome, but as virtually every economist has noted, women are bearing the brunt of this recession”. https://docs.assembly.ab.ca/LADDAR_files/docs/hansards/han/legislature_30/session_2/20200827_0900_01_han.pdf
I suspect Albertans are more shocked that the UCP govt are ignoring facts about the impact of the pandemic than he is by my “over-heated” “tone”. Nothing like resorting to sexist tropes to make the point about how concerned you are about women. 🙄 #ableg
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