I’m a premed currently applying to medical school via @AMCASinfo. I submitted my app back in early June & remain unverified 109 days later.

Today I rec’d an email:

AMCAS didn’t retrieve my transcripts in time so I have to pay again to send them again, potentially losing 1//
my 10 week position in line. According to the AMCAS website FAQ, processing may take up to 8 weeks. Given COVID, maybe 9 is reasonable though still excessive.

I am a first gen, once emancipated, self financed student. I have saved for years to be able to apply to med school 2//
Needless fees that are irrespective of the transcripts previously being accepted and processed on the AMCAS website as of 7/13/2020, are simply unfair and make no sense.

AMCAS themselves told me they were ready, accepted, and valid at that time. How has this changed? 3//
One may ask, why is waiting a little longer such a burden? Simply, I applied to 35 colleges, I have received secondaries from 2 schools that send them to all applicants.

After my MCAT still being on hold & rescheduled 5x, being persistently unverified means I am at even more 4/
at a disadvantage with respect to rolling admissions processes. I submitted on time, I scheduled my MCAT for March (then April, May, August, Sept).

I struggle to understand how, since I’m a graduate of the 2018 class who attended a single college, my transcripts “expire”. 5/
In addition, I received this email (I’m on the west coast) on a Friday evening after the business phones are shut down (east coast).

Therefore I cannot call and ask if there’s a means to resolve this without more financial expenditure.

Quite frankly, I’m disappointed.

If I were to add up the financial expense of applying to med school for me thus far, I have spent thousands that I don’t have.

Why should applicants be excluded due to financial inability? Why do I need to pay again for something I’ve already paid for that hasn’t changed? 7//
Cross your fingers this round (after 3 previously mailed versions that were “lost” and the previous electronic iteration that “expired”) will work!
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