It makes me sad sometimes to think about how I wake up and I have friends and a partner and my own free will to go do whatever I want & a phone to communicate with & my kids wake up & they literally only have me to make them happy. We are everything to them. We are their person
They expect so much from us and it can be draining but if you think about it from their little perspective it makes me want to always be on my game for them because they’re just a fraction of me but to them my mood and my actions and interactions are everything
If we are testy or not in the mood to play with them or interact in a way that is stimulating for them then they aren’t going to get it from anything else. They look to us for everything. And we should always remember that we are their person.
When we feel overwhelmed that’s okay and valid but I always try to remind myself that if I don’t give them the laughs and the support and validation that they deserve then they aren’t going to get it because to them I’m everything and that’s tough but also empowering and sweet
Imagine how you feel if your best friend Or your significant other is not attentive or in a good mood and seems distant and annoyed with you. Now magnify that. Everyone has bad days but we still have to try to show up for them cause it’s what we would crave too.
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