TW -Rape culture

A thread.

What is rape culture?

Here's a handy link that will explain it for you.
Still sound made up?

Well it's not, just Google Rape Culture. You'll get plenty of hits on what Rape Culture is.

It's everywhere, you've probably seen examples on this very bird app.

Many on this app participate in rape culture.

TW again- examples are posted below
Some of these might sound innocuous or seem like they're just giving friendly advice.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble these examples all perpetuate rape culture.

If you're just going to tell women they need to protect themselves and not discuss how rapes can be prevented
Now, nobody is saying don't do things for your own personal safety, but as I mentioned earlier, defense against rape isn't preventing rape.

We can all take actions to prevent rape that in the end, don't blame the victims of rape for being raped
And just using rape is an example because rape culture (if you read any of the links) is more than just rape.

It's sexual harassment, gendered violence, prison rape jokes...

So if you want to prevent rape culture read through that UN list
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