So, let's talk about the AUWU. I have been nothing but supportive of their goals both privately and also publicly. I'm not sure what I've ever done to anyone involved in that group but a few months ago I saw a bunch of people involved in the AUWU joining in a Twitter bully group
of media hipsters who work for dodgy pop culture sites and haven't done one day's worth of investigative journalism in their lives in some weird group mocking and bullying of my journalism abilities. I kept my mouth shout. I didn't respond in any way. Remember, I am a poor writer
not a privileged toff, and someone who tries to take on power, not the powerless. I've never earnt more than $40k in one year and I've been homeless and poverty stricken in the last five years. I was quite saddened by these AUWU leaders.
But when I looked closer, I wasn't surprised by their behavior.

Their behavior closely resembled the racist jealous hatred I have been on the end of from White private school losers who infest the media. Then I discovered these clowns also engaged
in a similar Twitter bullying campaign against Ruby Hamad, a person who I admire. A person who has achieved more for Australian and global culture than any of them combined.

So AUWU - what it is about brown, "wog" journalists that you don't like?
Why are you such cowards that you can't say it to our faces but use your dodgy sock puppet and alt accounts to bully people who are on your side?

Let me ask the AUWU - hey many "members" in any senior position do you have that aren't White? Yeah, I bet ZERO or close to it.
Also - I've heard claims funds donated to your group have been skimmed? Is this true? What mechanisms do you have to ensure against impropriety?

Now, I'm not here to defend @friendlyjordies as you can all watch his video for yourselves. I'm here to share my personal experience.
And my experience is some of the people heavily involved are heavily up-themselves racist private school losers who wouldn't know what real solidarity is. Long story short, support the unemployed but f*ck these wannabe Twitter personalities.
Mate - what are talking about? Are you literally insane and off kilter? Ruby Hamad has done nothing of the sort and this is the most ludicrous lie I have ever heard on this site. That's saying something. Get your head checked before you spread such blatant lies my man.
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