Daniel Carr, a Three Percenter militiaman, showed up with a handgun to the home of a witness to the Steven Baca shooting during Baca's preliminary hearing. Prior to this, Carr was accused of pointing a gun at drivers while he held a sign that read "F*CK BLM" at an intersection. https://twitter.com/bladvs/status/1299431710547832833
Steven Baca is charged w/ aggravated battery causing great bodily harm for shooting Scott Williams 4x & aggravated battery against 2 women at a June protest against the statue of a Spanish colonizer. Baca's the son of a former sheriff & once ran a "Support ABQ Police" FB page.
Carr's release follows Kyle Rittenhouse's shooting dead two protestors & wounding another in Kenosha, WI. Rittenhouse was a junior cadet in a cop training program that taught minors how to shoot guns. He had "BLUE LIVES MATTER" insignia on his FB page & aspired to be a cop.
It's also worth noting the same rightwing orgs that have fund-raised for Rittenhouse's legal fees also fund-raised for Baca's fees on the grounds of "self-defense." Both Baca and Rittenhouse had illegally carried guns. Baca illegally concealed. Rittenhouse was underage.
The orgs fund-raising (some with clear neo-Nazi and fascist ties) don't care about the "legality" of gun laws. They care about getting away with shooting and killing protestors. And their ties to law enforcement cannot be ignored.
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