Just wanted to say hi to all those who found my twitter page this week. Welcome!

I’m not officially a meteorologist (yet!) but I’m a third-year Atmospheric Science student at Cornell.

I’m happiest in the winter, in the mountains, or in front of a severe storm like this one.
Outside of school, my primary job is writing a blog about weather in the US that you might have found ( http://blog.weather.us ).

I also maintain a scaled-down blog about weather in western Maine where I grew up and live while not at school ( http://forecasterjack.com )
When not in school or writing forecast updates, I like being outside. Especially in very remote areas!

Here are a few pictures from adventures in Maine this summer. Some day I might learn to take better pictures of the night sky!
Following along with my feed means lots of hurricane info when appropriate, but also some talk of severe storms and winter weather when the time is right.

My weather nerdery knows no bounds!

I also sometimes post about cool places I’ve gone or adventures I’ve had.
Every once in a long while I may post something about politics. Perhaps you may not agree with it! That’s ok, but recognize that I’m not a weather information robot.
So please just unfollow if you want a 0% politics-you-disagree-with feed. “Stick to weather” comments are one of very very few ways to get a block from me.

For a 100% weather information feed maintained by me, please follow @WeatherdotUS.
Finally, if you haven’t already, please take a moment to scroll through this thread from June which gives a little more context for my hurricane coverage.

And don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! I may miss some but I try very hard to get to all.

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