BREAKING: HUGE riots are taking place in Malmö, Sweden after the Danish far-right group "Stram kurs" burned the Quran ( @Faytuks)
Massive police presence in #Malmo, #Sweden, after “Stram kurs” a Danish group burned the Quran in public on the street causing riots.
Huge fires [of tires it seems] now being set in the streets of #Malmo, #Sweden after the Quran was burnt by the "Stram kurs" group. #Rosengård
This is why the city of #Malmo is rioting; a member of the “Stram Kurs” group lit the Quran on fire. #Sweden
Crowds chanting “Allah Akbar” in #Malmo, #Sweden, after the “Stram Kurs” group burnt the Quran
Police say the situation in #Malmö is chaotic as several cars are set on fire and police officers attacked; this comes after the “Stram Kurs” group burnt the Quran. #Sweden
Individuals throwing rocks at police in #Malmo, #Sweden
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