This concerns #Rittenhouse and #technology.

Currently, @GiveSendGo is running a fundraiser for Rittenhouse that has raised over 100k. 
Please note the donors name at the top of the list. The individual that Rittenhouse shot but did not kill is Gaige Grosskreutz.

Gaige had most of his bicep shot away. There are pics online.
Scrolling through other comments left on the fundraiser
and yet, under their terms of service for their #Christian Fund Raising site, this whole thing seems like a violation.
so I asked @GiveSendGo why this was allowed, both here, and on fb.

they saw my messages at 11:30am est, but still no response for some reason.

ok, time to do a little recon, just to see.
ok, @GoDaddy is the registrar of @givesendgo.

unrelated, @gofundme recently removed Rittenhouse fund drives for undisclosed reasons.
ping  and what do we find?
interesting IP.
oh, ok, interesting. the site is hosted by @awscloud.

well that's good to know.
strangely, I have recently been contacted by their CEO.
thread is on pause.
I find this interesting, because as I was trying to get @GiveSendGo's attention, their social media people blocked me.
well that's interesting, there's been an update to the campaign. 9:05pm. I'm in EST. Is this campaign run by someone from the UK or Ireland or something?
the actual grifters exposed or just invoked?
listen, i did some more digging.
GiveSendGo LLC is the company behind @GiveSendGo
so I connected with @jacobawells on linkedin. sorry, CFO, not CEO.

we had a conversation about this fundraiser.

as of now the fundraiser is still up.

i hope that changes.
and yes, my #infosec friends, i just doxxed myself in that last tweet.

please check last two words of my bio.

i believe in transparency.
and to those folks dming me in a negative way, just got some new toys today. y'all welcome to come say hi you feelin twitchy.
as of 2041 EST the site remains up.
as of 2231 EST
damn. y'all mofos serious.
well shit.
update 2322 est
wait, why is the foundation to defend Rittenhouse  using an rdap service from the UK? Remeber higher in the thread i pointed out that 9:05pm update when i was at 1705 in est?
and why was  incorporated on August 12th? 2 weeks before Rittenhouse happened. this is really fucking weird.

are they a 501c3 for real?
shoutout to @lunadyana for the help.
this...this is weird af.

why the UK?
ok kids, here's a fucking rabbit hole. L Lin Wood is into fucking Q.

either as a grifter or a believer in the bs the owner of 8chan has been spewing.
it is 0200. i am beaten. tomorrow i find out why this guy has a lot of connections to the Fight Back thing.
update 1037 est
it blows my mind that these folks will unknowingly hand over cash to a guy w a shady af history, a website that has some serious security issues (check their certs n protocols), and an unknown connection to the uk.

then again, there's a reason it's called blind faith.
just reading some new comments.

Canada, come get yer boy.
it has been shown there was no molotov, it was a bag.
CFO of @GiveSendGo, @jacobawells, has responded. The campaign stays up.
folks, wife's tending covid patients in the ICU today. i'm on dad duty.

but here's the three rabbit hole follow ups i'm planning on:
-Pierce/$ troubles/mafia
-fightback . law server recon
-UK address and individuals associated w them.

more to follow.
UPDATE: 31/08/20
(using Euro dates for my UK friends reading this, and those in the UK I'm looking for)

#RittenhouseChristianFundraiser now sits at over 200k, with no change in goal or end of fundraising.
ping it and we get this ip
registered through @godaddy in...Ohio?
hosted on @Shopify.
makes sense. Fight For AMERICA! Host in Canada.
why would they register it in Ohio but have law offices in three other cities? who in Ohio is working with them?
what a tangled web they weave.
wonder why the address in Dallas is actually used for two law firms (down to the suite number)  and 

Wonder if those who donate know they're giving to Johnny Cochran's firm.
and just for reference:
there's a THIRD freaking firm at that address?

worst. wework. ever.

this place better be huge. I got someone grabbing me some pics today. I got friends all over the damn place.
so we have criminal, business, and financial crime lawyers all working in the same office that's listed to a different attorney's org harvesting cash from MAGA.

gotta know the rules to skirt em, i guess.
so the top address is L Lin Wood's.
The Dallas Address is those THREE firms (that I've found)
and California is...
dun dun DUNNNN
Pierce Bainbridge.
which leads us to
Steven L Pierce.
Ohhhhh, there's our Ohio link to the registrar.

and wonder of wonders, it's in my back yard. I'm gonna have to go visit this week, see what's really there now.
I would like to thank my friend who pointed out I typod the address on street/satellite view. Here's the list of firms and the building they're in. I'll go check it out later this week.
thanks to @AmyKauffman and the information about troubles at Pierce Bainbridge I'm looking more into Pierce.

Buddy, do we have some issues.
I hope somebody tells #Rittenhouse's mom about this.
she may or may not care.
His firm is being sued for...
ain't no motives here.
by three other creditors for 500k.
Wonder if they'll get some $ soon from the fundraiser.
I gotta talk to this guy.
hemmed up in sex charge, falsely fired.
says Pierce Bainbridge is a "financial house of cards"

btw, fuck Kevin Spacey. #OpDeathEaters
Pierce Bainbridge fails to sue Microsoft.
Microsft talks about buying tiktok.
Trump says maybe, pay me.
Now Oracle is gonna bid for tiktok.
Oracle working w Trump?

I'm a paranoid tech guy. this is how my brain works.

we know how their cloud is doing, but still...
i'm sorry, i need a breather.

more to follow.
Found the guy who Pierce fucked with in the Spacey tweet above, and holy shit.

just read that doc. who's the Russian bank owner?
more info from @DonLew87
Pierce is financially hosed.
UPDATE 1012 est
somebody ain't fucking playin. givesendgo is down temporarily. DDOS? h4xxor3d? or they blocked my ip? anyone else?

please blame it on me so I can laugh more.
Just a thought-
if someone DID pop shell on that bad boy, see if you can find the logs that show updates for the fundraiser. I'd like to see just who the hell sent those updates and why they were marked GMT, not EST, given that the givesendgo server resides in Amazon East (OH)
It has been pointed out that this thread is unwieldy, and at times I am less than coherent (sorry, neurodiversity can make communication hard when brain's jetfueling).
Should I continue this thread, or make a new one w/ a summation up to this point and moving forward?
UPDATE: back up. currently at 314k.
an update has been added.
@DonLew87 absolutely EVISCERATES these shady bastards.

follow him.
Why tf am I talking about attorneys when I started w IPs?

I wanted Rittenhouse to have a public defender, like every poor minority accused of a crime who can't afford an attorney. instead, this bullshit happened.

To troubleshoot a system you need info, which i'm gettin
i started w givesendgo. that seems to be just a charity site. it's their choice to leave it up. i have no say in what others do w my information.

then i wondered who was behind it. some of the info i gathered seemed off.

shoutout to all the wonderful people who helped me.
we then moved past givesendgo to who is actually behind the fundraiser and where the money's going. That led to a whole slew of "off". Something isn't right here.

A big neon "SCAM" sign went off in my head.

so I went for those rabbit holes.
and found out the following:
L Lin Wood is a big ole Qanon supporter.

Q is instantly suspect, and I will detail how in another thread. Let's just say they are an astroturfed response by pedophile owner of 8chan, Jim Watkins, to counteract #OpDeathEaters. Anonymous and Qanon both started on 4chan.
Then we have Attorney Pierce, who we have shown is in dire financial straits, and has ties to a criminal Russian banker Sergey Grishin.

There's a LOT of shady financial shit going on.

my mind is just as blown as yours.
possibly more.

This shit just got official.
too much to dump right here right now, but this is now #OpShootemDown

and it's fucking wild.
Told y'all to follow him. We're getting a better picture of Pierce.
apologies for lack of updates.
I assure you I am working diligently with an #infosec crew on this shit.

we have systems & networks & connections to map, definitive proof gathered.

that being said,
saw an article that givesendgo just had to replace their payment processor. Anyone know what they use?

My hunch is it's tied to Dovi Frances.


oh he's interesting.
so is this Pinkevich fellow.

follow along as I dig.
ain't THAT a bitch.
Mr. L Lin Wood had a lawsuit filed against him for...
allegedly stiffing people who did a bunch of work for him, looks like.

he says they just "shared office space"
worst. wework. ever.

you know WHO ELSE gets sued for stiffing folks who did work for him?

it's like they have one playbook and just run it over and over and over.

that, my friends, is shitty management.
just doing a little diggin more on John L Pierce.

Found me a wretched hive of scum and villany.

don't ever think this absolves you, L Lin Wood.

you're next, fucker.
I'm going to give you a Billy Idol quote.

then I'm gonna go @GreatDismal darker. watch.
this is, uhhh...
I mean, really fucking dark.

Reminds me of Thomas Schoenberger's London Falling.

I don't think even @Richard_Kadrey is this, like, dark and twisted.
That last line, y'all.

"Information is power and currency of the virtual world we inhabit. So we mustn't trust authority."

The first sentence is true.

The second,

and here's where we get crazy.

see Dovi Frances has his fingers in lots of pies.

but I found him through Grishin, who is a russian banker who brags about ripping off the State Bank of Russia. a good pupil needs a good mentor. maybe they form some companies.

and we get
and of course,
you know who ELSE will tell you live on tv to commit a crime, or that he has, himself, committed a crime?

they have one playbook. they run it over and over. they don't innovate.

they scheme.

shitty management.
reference back to first dark Dovi quote.

Dovi, and you, Sergey/Sergei/Mike Grishin/Ivanov,

you fellas play chess.

I play go.

I mean, Grishin and Dovi
(sorry Dovi, i love your name. I have many Jewish folks I care about)
anyway, these motherfuckers are prolific:
but that also brings up this:
why is this important?
credit card transactions.

some cc companies are good at spotting fraudulent behavior.

why did Discover block them?

@Discover ain't saying.

see, the fed regulates transactions of a certain size (10k for reporting).

it's to stop shit like money laundering.

but imagine, if you could do $20 transactions, all day every day.

like, say, through a charity site.

I told @jacobawells he should cya it.
of course, if you control the software that runs payment processing, you could do all sortsa fun stuff.

like manipulate transactions.
obfuscate data.
twist shit around.

all sortsa fun stuff.

using software like Tipalti.
made by Dovi Frances.
who trained with Grishin.
know who else uses Tipalti for transactions?


imagine that.

a vendor that all day fucking long processes transactions ranging from 8 to 99 dollars (give or take) with Tipalti.

I mean, has anyone dug into Dovi?

starts in 2008 at Deutsche Bank.

Grishin came to the states in 2008, too.

fundraiser nears 500k.

man, i really hope someone checks the transactions, logs, everything with a fucking warrant or two.

cuz something seems extremely fucking rotten in the state of Denmark.
a quick aside, meet my spirit animal.

it's a spider.
Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan.
@warrenellis has issues. i hope he works through them.

still a good read.

if you got this far in my thread, you're probably channeling him like I am.
aside continued:

soundtrack for this thread brought to you by @KillerMike and @therealelp.
RTJ 4 is a banger, and a soundtrack for a revolution.

additional track by Morphine.
(fuck off. i'm gen x)
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