Great! But we must keep precincts separate w/in the @NBA arenas. If they mush them together into a “voters can vote anywhere” model (like LA county & Dallas), then backup #PaperPollBooks are impossible & posting of precinct poll tapes becomes extremely difficult & unlikely. 1/
Electronic pollbooks are prone to failure, which cld be deliberate or unintentional. Backup #PaperPollBooks are crucial, but impossible w/ a “voters can vote anywhere” vote center model. Connectivity issues plagued this type of vote center in LA county. Look what happened. ⬇️ 2/
You can read about the importance of posting precinct poll tapes (precinct totals) outside the precincts on election night at , where we are organizing #PhotoFinish volunteers to photograph them & compare them to reported totals. 3/
Avoiding “voters can vote anywhere” vote centers, having backup #PaperPollBooks, & photographing precinct results (poll tapes) are all among the twenty or so tips I discuss here for mitigating election threats in November. 5/ 
Note that large vote centers sometimes also reject #HandMarkedPaperBallots as a primary system & instead use touchscreens (BMDs). We must NOT let this happen. Kentucky kept precincts SEPARATE in a large arena and use HMPBs for most voters. That is the way to do it. 6/
As between a touchscreen system with a BS barcoded paper printout and vote by mail, I recommend vote by mail, assuming you can return it in person to a drop box or office (you must check your county). 8/
Avoid touchscreen barcode (or QR code) voting systems (BMDs) if you can. The barcode or QR code is the only part of the paper printout (the so-called “paper ballot”) counted as your vote. That is not transparent. Paper ballots shld be software independent. These are not. 9/
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