Ok let’s take an objective look at the story being propagated against #GameChanger_AsimBajwa by the usual suspects:

MJTV minions, SAATH Forum ugly ducklings & rabid Indian propagandists. Let’s ignore it & look at the report to see how malicious actual allegations are


But before we go into the report, an obvious question arises why the report wasn’t published by a credible news org instead of an anonymous website in US?

Even acct owner Mubashir Zaidi denies ownership of website.

It’s to escape strong libel & defamation laws in US courts.

Imp fact we can’t ignore is that it’s not an investigative report by an honest, hardworking journalist in Pakistan.

Rather it’s a combined effort spanning months of work by known fake news peddlers, PMLN’s SM team & Indian propagandists who knew about it months in advance.

Now let’s look at the report itself:

Report gives an impression that Gen Bajwa owns a “family business empire in the US,” which was made possible due to him becoming a general & now being head of CPEC Authority.

Absolutely misleading as the businesses are Pizza Shops!

None of these 99 companies are engaged in million dollar defence contracts or billion dollar infrastructure projects!

They are not even companies but just Pizza shops & not even fully owned Pizza shops but franchises!!

This “bombshell story” is about 99 Pizza franchises. 😭

Now let’s look at how they link Gen Asim Bajwa to these Pizza shops:

Story makes a ridiculous claim & leaves it for others to figure it out.

The claim is that Gen Bajwa used his position to build an “secret empire” of Pizza franchises, let’s see how frivolous the claim is:

Before we go to claim, let’s note that a franchise is when you don’t entirely own your business.

It’s when you get a franchise from an established business like Papa John’s Pizza, you pay them to setup business for you, buy supplies from them, even pay them a % of profits.

/7 https://twitter.com/malikbajwa/status/1299311478604996608
Essentially, owning a Pizza franchise is worse than owning ur own Pizza joint, because then you’re free to buy cheaper supplies 4m anywhere & don’t have to pay commission/royalty to franchisor.

Owning a franchise in US is tough business, only done by someone with experience.

So why would LtGen Asim Bajwa, Commander Southern Command & Head of $62bil CPEC Authority be running Pizza franchises in US?!

Ans. is he doesn’t!!

Report claims he does, because his wife owns part of LLC Company & didn’t declare it in Tax returns.

Let’s look at this claim:

Let’s look at what an LLC is first, to understand the absolute ridiculousness of the claims in this report.

An LLC is a type of company that doesn’t issue shares to it’s stockholders, hence anyone holding 16.67% interest in the company would hold 16.67% shares in the firm.

Report itself admits that “Asim Saleem Bajwa has infact declared an investment of $18,468” in his wife’s name.”

But then peddles propaganda by frivolously claiming that she owns capital & his declaration contains “No immovable property or business capital outside Pakistan.”

1st of all Asim Bajwa’s declaration contains “shares in family business” of “Rs3.1million” in wife’s name & if made in 2002 to gain a share of 16.67% share in a Pizza franchise then it amounts to $50,000 since in 2002 $ was valued around Rs60/USD.

Tax declarations show it.

2nd, if you own $50k shares of Apple/Google Stocks doesn’t mean you declare urself as billionaire owner of “properties & business capital” owned by them.

3rd, it could just be shares in 1 of 175 Pizza franchises, report doesn’t provide proof this one Co owns all franchises.

Because, if you look at the ownership documents in the report of properties & franchises, it quite clear that properties & many franchises are owned personally by Asim Bajwa’s brothers not by the firm his wife may have shares in.

How is that corruption by Gen Asim Bajwa?

Even the documents in the report alluding to restaurants & properties in the Middle East only show ownership of these concerns to be in the personal name of the brothers of Gen Bajwa, not the company that’s allegedly linked to him via his wife.

This is utterly misleading!

Note how the report mischievously links Pizza shops set up by Gen Asim Bajwa’s bros to his career in military.

1st they say when he was 2ndLt his brother’s didn’t own any business in US.

Oh bhai, it’s because Nadeem & Malik are younger brothers & were still in school. 😭

Note the Spin:
“Gen Asim Bajwa joins Musharraf’s staff his family starts 53 franchises worth $16mil & 19companies”

But the brothers didn’t setup all 53 franchises, 19 companies with $16mil at once, but built one Pizza shop at a time over the years as shown by report itself!

Funny bit is:

Report insinuates then Col Asim Saleem Bajwa used his connections with “military dictator” to do corruption by setting up a “business empire” in US by using his younger brother Nadeem Bajwa to work as a driver at Papa John’s Pizzas 😭

Reality is his brother Nadeem Bajwa went to US to study in late 1990s & began delivering pizzas for a PapaJohn’s shop to pay tuition fees & bills as US students do

Then younger bros Malik & Faisal joined & they setup a business after finishing education due to Nadeem’s exp.

The report tells how 2 older bros Tanvir & Taloot are doctors, hence when 3 young bros were trying to setup a Pizza business in US, they possibly asked older siblings to help set it up.

It was then, that Gen Bajwa’s wife possibly also chipped in with a Rs3.1mil investment.

That investment is declared in asset declaration of Gen Asim Bajwa, their is nothing secret or hidden about it.

But to link it to
“99 or 175 companies”
a “secret business empire”
is plainly disingenuous.

But where do these million dollar valuations come from?
Let’s see:

Lo & behold, when u c report’s fine print, these million dollar valuations & big numbers giving an impression of a “business empire” are totally madeup

Report admits Papa Johns only requires a $25k franchise fee to setup one shop, but report values each shop at $300,000

Reason given for these $300,000 valuations is that, Papa John’s website says that a franchisee has to be worth $275,000.

What they don’t say or know is that, such requirement are often waived if franchisee has experience working as a Papa John’s employee, as Nadeem Bajwa.

In that case they know franchisee has experience of business, they can rely on him not ruining brand’s reputation with poor business decisions & only require basic $25k franchise fee & $70k or so for oven, equipment & shop decor.

It could also be setup at a rented premises.

Once a couple of franchises are setup by same clients, the franchisor develops confidence & becomes flexible in negotiating terms of franchises.

Even banks are happy to sanction small businesses loans for more shops because they know you’re good at running same franchises.

To claims 99 restaurants to be 99 “foreign companies” with millions of dollars of assets
as a “secret business empire” is incredibly misleading & sheer propaganda.

To use “circumstantial evidence” & “estimated evaulations” to accuse someone of corruption is pathetic.

Even if we take all the obviously propaganda based allegations at face value, even then the claims of “million of dollars in corruption” &
“secret business empire” of an army general sound completely preposterous.

Let’s calculate the amount of corruption report alleges:

The moronic report claims, total “estimated investments” made to setup this “secret business empire” was $52.2mil.

Then claims, current “net worth” of all franchises/assets is $39.9mil.

It’s the 1st “empire of corruption” to have lost $12.1mil after 18yrs of corruption.😭

Then the report evaluates “present networth” of all the business interests of all adult & independent 5 brothers & 3 sons of Gen Bajwa to be $39.9mil.

Remember, this “estimate” is a completely madeup number.

The report also admits finding loan docs of at least $9.5million.

This means, if we’re to believe the baseless valuations of the Indian propaganda based report, even then the present value of the entire “empire of corruption” is
as per the report Gen Bajwa’s alleged corruption over 18years is
16.67%*30.4=$4.8mil!! 😭

It’s how preposterous these allegations are, that:

LtGen Asim Bajwa Comm Southern Command & CPEC Auth Head overseeing $60bil in contracts didn’t use his bros for corruption in defence contracts or infrastructure projects but PapaJohn’s shops to make $4.8/18=$267k per yr😭

Another sinister angle to this report is to link Asim Bajwa’s adult independent & selfmade sons with this fictitious “business empire.”

If his adult sons decide to go work for their uncles in US, or do business not linked with CPEC or the military, how is that corruption?

The report hasn’t provided a shred of evidence that any job, businesses or properties of his sons are even remotely linked to the army, CPEC or even to the company with their mother’s alleged investment.

Report admits these are “independent” of their uncle’s businesses.

Even the house shown in report to have been purchased by Gen Asim Bajwa’s eldest son Eusha Bajwa is shown as his personal property not business.

Note “Fanne Mae” on ownership doc is a mortgage company, meaning home was bought on loan or from the mortgage firm at a discount.

How does all of the above prove any corruption?!

This analysis of mine is not to defend person of Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa or his family.

It’s simply to make sense of the miserable ways this so called “investigative journalist” has failed to prove corruption with this report.

As far as the report being prepared, sponsored & fed by Indian propaganda machine is concerned, the top anti Pakistan propagandist was regurgitating same garbage 25July2020, one month before this so called “investigative report” was posted.

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