1. I happened upon @WarNuse’s tweet on John McCain & his treason & seditious conspiracy.

I show you how Q states “We don’t say his name.”
I’m sure there’s been some theories on why “no name” but for some reason I looked today.

This is what I found...😯
2. Why? What’s in a name? And more specifically what’s in his name? 🤔💭 🕵🏻‍♀️
(Disclaimer: please don’t freak out if your name is this. This is not meant for anyone else. This is specific to him.)
👉🏻McCain. Mc CAIN.
What does “Mc” stand for?
👉🏻 Ancient Ireland 👉🏻 MAC 👉🏻 “Son of”
3. MC also stands for something in the cosmos.
MC is the abbreviation for Midheaven 👉🏻 Medium Coeli 👉🏻 Middle of the Sky. The highest point in a celestial objects apparent daily traverse of the visible sky. The meridian intersects.
1 of the most important angles in birth chart...
4. MC midheaven house system forms the cusp of the 10th house, in equal house system midheaven Can be found in the 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th house. Refers to the “parent”.
And linked or represents “ancestral lineage”.
Hhmm. NoNames ancestral lineage 🤔💭
5. NoName was born 8/29/1936. 😲 That would make tomorrow his date of birth. I don’t know how this stuff happens all the time for me but it does, just go with the flow😆
He just happened to be born in PANama.😳
For the significance of PAN see attached threads...👇🏻 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1263634603232944129
6. I found out his date of birth 8/29/1936 was at the Black Moon Lilith (lunar apogee) in Libra 3° ♎️ 10’ 14”.
The Dark Goddess archetype is associated w/ sex, death, obsession, addiction, transformation, magic the occult & the taboo.“...
7. It is said that the Black Moon Lilith is the “birth-canal b/w spiritual dimension or the underworld and life on the physical plane.” It is about power and politics and psychology of sex, including Ped0philia incest & SRA.
8. Understanding this might be a stretch for some, just know I’m relatively new to Astrotheology as well, even though technically we’ve learned this our whole lives in different forms😐 AnyWho we need to know what it is b/c it is also what [they] study, use, know & hide from us.
9. Let’s get to 2nd part of his noname I need to speed this up.
👇🏻 “son of”(remember Mc) Adam & Eve brother of Abel.
Note that it is spelled w/ K versus C.
It also means “Smith” 👉🏻 Son Tubalcain the “Blacksmith”, weapons to kill more efficiently, invokes Cain’s sin of murder...
10. The Smith, blacksmith and horseshoe reference is significant in here because of past digs...
Long and detailed thread but I believe it’s worth knowing.
Remember “Cain” as you go through the attached thread👇🏻
Also think the “Matrix” “Smith”. https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1263567038594809856
11. Side note: I mentioned the name used to be with a K. Who else likes the K? These people.👇🏻Just sayin.
12. OK back to noname. It’s got to be biblical right? Yup. Let’s look.
Cain & Abel. 👉🏻 Genesis 🧬
Cain the first born was a tiller of the soil. Abel, the second born was a tender of the sheep. They both brought an offering to God. Cain’s was rejected but Abel’s was accepted.
13. Cain was not happy. Cain killed Abel. Then God asked where his brother is, Abel. You know the famous phrase. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
Sound familiar? 🤨😠 Evil mocks in our faces.
14. So the Lord puts a mark on Cain which is supposed to protect him, but there’s actually debate that the translation is wrong & should read: he was given a “sign.”
Cain goes & lives in the land of NOD, East of Eden.
This “Land of Nod” has also been used in children’s books.🤨
15. He has a child name Enoch, builds a city & named it after the child. Enoch lived 365 years. Think about that. That happens to be the # of DAYS we use in our calendar year now. Days & yrs are used interchangeably in the Bible.
Reference to the heavens.
16. Correction in number 10 I meant to be more clear that Tubalcain is Cains descendent not his a son.
17. I want to add that Abel’s sacrifice should not be read as God desiring shedding the blood of an animal. It is astrological & it is physiological👇🏻 Isaiah “I delight not in the blood” 🐑 Abel was celestial. Cain was earthly.
If that’s so what could Cains offering mean? 🥬🌱🌽 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1248686910412857346
18. Abel makes an “animal” offering, willingness to give life he put away earthly desires.
Cain is the example that cannot give life. He is tied to the earth as a tiller of soil.
If you kill the higher thought, action or mind, Cain kills Abel. Don’t say his name
Don’t kill Abel🔔
19. And Lastly Note: Abel - A Bell - Holy Grail - Ancient Bloodlines - #JFK & #JKFJr - W W G 1 W G A - It's Gonna Be Biblical
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