THREAD: About "Color Revolutions"

The current domestic political situation has decomposed into a national security issue. The 2020 political cycle is being utilized to mask the extremely hostile revolutionary nature of these events. Even the violence is distraction.
Current intelligence indicates that a siege of the White House may initiate on or about September 17th and culminate in a November 3rd election crisis that carries on past the election. The revolutionary operational design has three key components that must be factored in.
First, the revolutionaries must control the media and social media communication environment. Second, the revolutionaries must maintain control of a portion of the bureaucracy.
Finally, the Republican Party and GOP Establishment must be under the positive control of the Revolutionary narrative and remain passive. If the revolutionaries can succeed in controlling these three components of their operation, they can be successful.
Color revolutions utilize information warfare tactics to create crisis situations in which institutional leaders are placed under tremendous political pressure to support the revolutionary objective.
The control of the media and other communication is used by revolutionaries or their supporters to amplify crisis (i.e.; election fraud) solutions selected by the revolutionaries (i.e.; remove Trump).
These narratives are amplified by the media to silence and control GOP opponents and to compel action by the bureaucrats.

The history of sabotage and subversion directed against the campaign, transition, and administration during the first term should serve as warning.
Numerous senior officials of the Democrat Party are openly calling for revolution and intend to fabricate a Constitutional crisis around the election and parallel street mobilization in furtherance of their efforts.
This plan includes the utilization of various revolutionary actors that have been observed conducting operational and informational preparation of the environment for the past several months.
There are 2 key vulnerabilities to color revolutions. Prior knowledge and united opposition. ACTIONS: 1.) the public and the institutional leaders must be made aware of these efforts in a coherent manner. 2.) MAGA (Republicans and all Americans) must unite to oppose their agenda.
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