It's not fair to say you must be vegan to be an environmentalist. 1) some people live in food apartheid 2) some people can't be vegan due to their health 3) being vegan doesn't mean you live sustainably in other areas 4) buying certain vegan foods can be costly
5) It's elitist to say that 6) BIPOC globally have lived with vegetarian diets before it was "cool" and are often left out of the white vegan conversation 7) You can support regenerative ranching/farming that helps reverse the impacts of climate change
8) I don't think you can be an environmentalist while being a racist, but look at environmental circles... unrelated..I digress 9) people have differing values/ethics when it concerns animals/animal agriculture sometimes influenced by cultural identity + religion
10) "BUT being VeGAn Is AcTually LESS expEnsive" okay but it's wrong to shame people in poverty that might just want to feed their families and tell them what to do with their limited income. It's okay if someone would rather eat their cultural foods vs. kale
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