For all Tamil young generation in Twitter, who all think #DMK is great and strong party, Just a recap of 51years of Tamilnadu politics 1969-2020 (before 1969 it was Madras State).

DMK was in power due to Anna's Ideologies & #MGR fame (till 1969).
Inbetween #Kalaingar served as CM after Anna's death (1971-1976), But they MGR with them to win that election. MGR's ADMK Pure dominance from 77-89 till his death.

1989-1991 -> Even though DMK got power they couldn't prove anything in that 2yrs so People chose JJ in (1991-1996)
1996 - Everybody know how DMK won election (it took 20years for Kalaingar to serve proper 5years Tenure, it was possible only because of Rajini's Support also that's the reason Kalaingar respected #RAJINIKANTH till his death)
Even though JJ tenure (1991-1996) was Not liked by TN people, they were ready to give her chance again(2001-2006) instead of DMK.

So DMK final tenure they got in 2006 (JJ had case issues, OPS was swapping as acting CM)
It is clear that after Anna death, DMK was in power due to MGR. When MGR started Own party he dominated.
Even though DMK got chance in 1989 & 96, 2006. They did nothing for TN people which can give them another opportunity in next election. DMK always been replacement for Admk.
When Rajini is in action people going to choose Rajini rather than DMK. So naturally that's reason for the fear and 350cr for PK etc etc..!!

All Rajini followers! Stay calm #Thalaivar will be in action shortly!

#NallatheNenaipom #NallatheNadakum
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