When I was on the job market two years ago one of the hardest parts was finding the jobs that were available, and I've heard from people looking this year that that continues to be the case. So here are some tips on how to find job openings!
The magic phrase is "tenure track assistant professor + area of interest" in google and http://indeed.com . On google, this unlocks a magical job board that you can fine-tune to what you're looking for. Most jobs appear on both sites, but not all!
Which brings me to the other places you need to look for jobs: http://academickeys.com , http://jobs.chronicle.com , professional organizations (such as BMES, SACNAS, AIChE, etc.)
Additionally, I highly recommend going to each department's webpage and looking around to see if they have any job postings that haven't yet been posted to an external job board
You need to try multiple versions of your area of interest! For example, to find BME jobs try biomedical engineering, bioengineering, biological engineering, etc. (I know, there are nuanced differences between them, but that's not the point for this thread)
Additionally, if you're in the BME and/or ChemE realm, make sure to attend the conferences, even though they're virtual this year! And if you haven't already, sign up for the Meet the Faculty Candidate Poster Sessions!
Lastly, check out @NewPI_Slack - it was great to talk to other people going through the gauntlet at the same time.
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