Hotels being paid to provide shelter to homeless people under separate government contracts have also been warned that “precautions may need to be implemented” after one was mistakenly targeted by Britain First

They didn't tell their supporters about that incident, naturally
The Independent understands that the Home Office is offering premises housing asylum seekers assistance with physical security, such as barriers and hoarding

Police have been called to several incidents, but no arrests have been made, and govt has not issued any blanket guidance
During the most recent incident, in Warrington, Britain First members marched through corridors banging on bedroom doors and demanding people’s nationalities

Cheshire Police said officers were investigating reports of a “potential breach of the peace” and enquiries are ongoing
This trend has picked up very recently in the UK, during a rise in English Channel crossings and the use of hotels in coronavirus

But asylum seeker accomodation has been targeted in violent attacks across Europe for years, including a spate of arsons
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