Yesterday as @realDonaldTrump dismissed the #COVID19 pandemic from the White House lawn, I made funeral arrangements for my wife's only brother.

He spent nearly a month on a ventilator which caused the underlying condition that led to his death.

#WeWillVote in honor of him.
2/ While my brother-in-law will not be counted among those who died from #COVID19, it certainly killed him.

He wouldn't have spent nearly two months in an ICU, dropped from 277 lbs entering the hospital to 155 lbs exiting, or required extensive rehabilitation.
3/ And he wouldn't have needed to relearn to swallow - a common challenge for anyone spending significant time on a ventilator - or aspirated Wednesday night, which blocked his airway and eventually killed him.
4/ I have always been ardently opposed to #Trump, but nothing put the life-or-death importance of replacing him with a good and decent president - @JoeBiden - into sharper focus than yesterday.

#November3rd #Election2020
5/ The sickening juxtaposition of Trump's speech with the phone calls I needed to make ensured my resolute commitment to working with @ProjectLincoln to defeat Trump this November.
6/ My brother-in-law did not need to die.

He did not need to contract #COVID19.

He did not need to be ventilated for so long.

Because of #Trump he did.

And now we need to #VoteBidenHarris2020 to ensure more families don't suffer the same fate.
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