A word on worldbuilding:

There is an extended sequence of Zola explaining Hydra would manipulate events to their advantage for decades, up to and including murdering a president, a founding member of SHIELD and later its director.
Obviously they can't kill everyone. However, the way Howard Stark was obviously murdered, sure makes it seem like Hydra was very confident there would be no undue scrutiny.

Despite the fact that he was still affiliated with an intelligence agency.
What does this show us? That Hydra, in 1991, was brazen enough to kill whoever they chose to, with minimal regards for consequence, to the point that they would keep recordings of the murder on file.
Which brings me to my actual point and the (laughable) claim that Hydra didn't dare make a move before 2014 because of Peggy Carter, as #AgentsofSHIELD claimed. Because they very clearly, canonically, had:
- murdered an important man strongly affiliated with SHIELD,
- created an underground base for the sole purpose of preserving a Nazi's brain,
- deployed the Winter Soldier, a man who, if captured, would likely reveal their continued existence
Leading to the question: where was she? Did she not know about reacreating the serum and Zola's computer brain? Who paid for it, if not SHIELD?

Starks were murdered either with her as director, or very shortly after she stepped down, which doesn't speak well of the organization.
(tangent: seriously, even before CSI: Miami taught us about crime scenes, Starks hit a tree but died of strangulation and multiple blows to the head, how the fuck did anyone miss that)
What I'm getting at is... something don't quite add up here. If Peggy was such a powerful figure, then Hydra sure didn't give a toss, considering they did what they wanted, and basically had free run of SHIELD.

And this, again, puts a very unpleasant spin on #AvengersEndgame
In the end the fact that Peggy was the director of SHIELD for twenty years is very, very telling. Because even if Hydra wasn't able to act (it was), they still thrived under her leadership.
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