I've fall for her The day I've entered the house , there was something different on her which always used to attract me towards her, her innocence, cheerfulness was enough to differentiate her from other contestants
Her smile used to bring smile on my face, she was naive and that's why I wanted to protect her from the evil minds of other contestants,

Woh bass pyar ki bhuki thi aur Mai usse woh pyar dena chahta tha

She was the only one with whom I used to share my each and every thing
Tears in her eyes used to bring tears in my eyes

Woh taarif ki zaroor bhuki thi par jhooti taarif ki nahi

Sidhaaaaarth meri taarif karnaa aur bas uske iss statement par meri zuban par hassi aa jaati thi , that day I was feeling helpless as I wasn't able to wipe away her tears
I know this journey is not going to be easy but I promise you to always remain like your shadow to protect you, I don't care what people think about me the only thing that matters is my gadhi,my moti and I'm never going to leave you till the eternity

- Sidharth shukla
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