Hey, I totally get your point, man.
But have you tried offering ricebags to Christians to convert back to Hinduism? No, because they'll tell you that they also received access to education, went to English medium schools and took up jobs that you didn't allow them to take :)
Your anger is not about the fact that they sold their faith for a bag of rice. Your anger comes from righteous rage over how lower caste communities DARED to rebel and rise to your level - to aspire to be your equals by rejecting the system that told them they couldn't DARE :)
Also, I will repeat it - Ricebag is a casteist slur to remind Christians who converted from lower castes of the place Hinduism still holds for them. So much for welcoming back your own and ghar wapasi
Your RSS masters can't build schools that even you'd like your children to go to. If they made schools and offered education that was valued globally and helped you crack exams like GMAT/ GRE, you'd perhaps get some of your precious lost Hindu peers back from Christianity.
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