nct dream as tiktokers; a thread
- does the frat boy dances and everything BUT its ok bc he actually has a really nice personality and is actually attractive
- probably uploads short covers or snippets of songs he produced
- very rarely goes live
- ‘ig on profile’
- everyone has a crush on him honestly
- u know the nice aesthetic side of tiktok where it’s videos of pretty scenery or art and calming sounds? yeah
- likes to know the drama but only watches from the sidelines
- likes to express his thoughts and ppl love listening to them and his voice
- always on ur fyp
- uploads random videos of his cats or him biking or asmr
- his account doesn’t rly have a theme but everyone loves him bc he’s so nice and cute and makes rly pure content
- probably also uploads vids of him playing guitar and ppl go crazy for them
- u can’t dislike him
- uploads vids of him singing and dancing/random vlogs/gaming vids
- not very active but he makes quality content so he has lots of followers
- also the fact that he’s really attractive doesn’t hurt
- probs has a yt or twitch account and is more active there
- funny
- posts vids of him cooking but they’re rly fun to watch so ppl love him
- probs has a spam account where he posts rly random but entertaining vids
- goes live a lot and is v interactive with his fans
- ‘wow’ is his catchphrase
- everyone has a crush on him pt. 2
- doesn’t rly use tiktok that often but gets on the fyp sometimes and ppl follow him
- captions will be like ‘😂😂’ with no hashtags n its just vids of him playing basketball or eating
- occasional tiktok dances but can’t keep a straight face through them
- storytimes
- gen z tiktoker that all the 12 year olds crush on
- posts vids of him skating yes let me push my js skater boy agenda
- posts random vids of him at 3 am and anytime he hears a sound he’ll start saying he’s being haunted
- tiktok dances and he k1lls them all
- so cute
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