According to a 2018 Report, India had 22 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world! Equating clean air with #liveability, isn’t it essential for a healthy city? @CPCB_OFFICIAL @SmartCities_HUA @NIUA_India #CleanAirPune #AirQuality #AirPollution #SmartCities
Of the 100 smart cities, 43 are non-attainable cities. How can our cities be smart without decent air quality?
#AirQuality #CleanAirPune @airqualityindia
For this report, 6 smart cities in #Maharashtra were studied in detail.
Aurangabad’s city bus service, where none existed before, is a winner for Aurangabad Smart City Corporation. The real test for reducing pollution in the city, is when people shift from pvt to public modes of transport. @PushkalShivam @ascdcl #citybus #airpollution #smartcities
Pune Smart City Corporation set up 50 low cost AQ sensors in the city, how can all that data be used for improving air quality? @IAS_Rubal @UrbanEmissions @punefff @IISERPune #airpollution #smartcities
Most of Nashik’s proposed projects to improve air quality are still incomplete, but it has managed to set up the Public Bicycle Project with 100 stations & 10,000 buses #publicbicyclesystem #cycling #airpollution @TOINashikNews
#Nagpur speaks of improving #mobility for better air quality, but has procured only 6 out of 30 proposed #buses and no inclusive roads have been built yet as proposed in their smart city proposal. @nagpur_nsscdcl #airpollution #AirQuality @SmartCities_HUA @NIUA_India
Solapur is lagging behind on projects, only some greening has been done among other projects proposed for #AirQuality improvement. @UrbanEmissions @WeAreSolapur @airnewsalerts @waatavaran @airqualityindia
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