The man who murdered MP Jo Cox shouted "Britain First" before shooting her.

Britain First leader was arrested by counter terrorism police on his return from Moscow where it was reported he had gone to seek funding.

The Far right are currently the biggest terror threat in uk.
Britain First leader instructed his membership to vote Tory to make Johnson PM.
Britain First are not classed as a Terrorist threat by Priti Patel.

However Extinction Rebellion made her list of terrorists.
This is Britain First.
When are we going to recognise that Priti Patel in the Home Office is a far right Terror Threat.

When are we going to recognised Britain First are working hand in hand with the Home Office.?
This has NEVER happened before.
Priti Patel is criminalising peaceful protest.

Roger Hallam, Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion and Beyond Politics, has been jailed with four other members of the party.
Britain First patrol Kent coast defending us from a 'migrant invasion' Farage keeps broadcasting we are under attack from. 🙄🤥
Britain First 5000 far right members
Also joined the Tory Party because they feel at home with Johnson's attitude to Muslims.
Putin funds far right orgs across EU
If you don't know that by now you have not been paying attention.

Chris Steele told May & Johnson in detail this was happening. 2016 They ignored him.

Britain First is a tool of the Tories.
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