SBC pastor believes Breonna Taylor got justice when she was inadvertently shot and killed by police. Unless law prescribed the death penalty for whatever her past actions were and unless she was tried and found guilty by a jury of her peers, her death was in no way justice.
2/ Justice isn’t when people are gunned down and killed without a trial. Justice happens when the law is evenly and fairly applied. Under every possible understanding of the law and justice, Breonna Taylor’s death is tragic and should not have happened. It was not “justice.”
3/ Even if police are found to not have engaged in wrongdoing in her death, even if it is deemed a tragic accident, even if she was guilty of other crimes, her being shot on that couch is not “justice.” God, save us from such reasoning. We have laws and due process for a reason.
4/ When people who committed crimes are killed in prison by inmates, that is not justice. It’s murder. When a police officer shoots a man and kills him, that is not justice. It might not have been wrong or a crime, but it’s still a tragedy. Everyone is due their day in court.
5/ And, re: first tweet, I don’t see death penalty as “justice.” I see it as punishment. Justice is when wrongs are made right. Perhaps our society has determined that punishment due certain crimes is death. But, that death doesn’t make things right. It doesn’t even the scales.
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