I swear to God there's more flags now
The budget deficit is because of the flags
We can continue to fund the military and social welfare programs if we eliminated Trump's spending on flags
Oh God what if... what if Trump got that CPAC flag pregnant
"Ivanka and all my children" HE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE FLAGS
There's at least a dozen more flags now
The don't have a vaccine for coronavirus because Trump had our top scientists working on cloning flags
There are enough flags out there to make masks for everyone on the South Lawn who isn't wearing masks
At least two dozen more flags have arrived
Everything's a cake, but what if every cake is a flag
They cut to that girl long enough to put four more flags right behind Trump
The flags are shifting uncomfortably now
"Mr. President, there's no more room... can we go now"
Even the flags know this speech is too long
Seven more flags
Don't make eye contact with the flags
"And salute the American flag... all 256 of them."
What's the Hatch Act equivalent of too many flags
"Every time 'cancel culture' claims another victim, we add another flag."
Can you imagine how many flags we'll have after four more years
We are going to make America into the [flag] manufacturing capital of the world
We are going to make 10 million flags in the next 10 months
Flags will be taking our jobs
President Donald Trump will fight for your right to keep and bear flags
Gas prices are so low you can buy more flags
We have to have a Space Force so our flags can start colonizing Mars
After this convention the flag unemployment rate is gonna spike
In flags? https://twitter.com/EWErickson/status/1299186369508585472

All 1,530 of you!
Literally playing the flags off with their own theme song
anyone else feel like there weren't enough flags tonight
I feel like we could've used more
They could do "TRUMP 2020" shaped fireworks but not an American flag shaped one?
All those flags are being put away until Trump's 2024 convention speech
that is absolutely the best reaction I could've hoped for
All those scam emails about matched donations didn't clarify that every dollar you donated would be matched in flags
We have a donor willing to match all donations to President Trump's re-election campaign up to 20,000 flags
Which flag was singing opera because that was the best flag
Can't wait for VH1's "Where Are They Now?" about Trump's RNC 2020 flags
I'll keep up with this for about four hours probably https://twitter.com/TrumpsFlags2020 
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