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@DrMariaNeira - Tireless advocate for #CleanAir

@vfmcneill - Come for atmospheric science, stay for the GIFs

@linseymarr @kprather88 - If you are looking for info on aerosol transmission of COVID, look no further

@cathryn_tonne - Works on #AirPollution & health, also @chaiproject

@Rehema1234 - #AirQuality models, news & views from South Africa

@cwiedinm - Emissions, air pollution, @ESWNtweets & more

@sciencerely - Co-founder @OpenAQ & an advocate for #opendata on air quality

@jscaseddon - Science, politics & governance for air pollution

@ther2aung - Air pollution in Myanmar, citizen engagement & more
@AnumitaRoychowd - Tireless advocate for clean air in India!

@Gardiner_Beth - Stories & narratives on #AirPollution

@francescadomin8 - Air pollution & health, causal inference, #epitwitter
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