These are the findings of the survey in a single Graphic.

Nowhere there @globaltimesnews survey asked about whether they liked Emperor!

Instead it is a damn indictment against the India, especially our Government.
Some of the findings of the survey are given here:

If India makes more provocations in the future and launches new border conflicts against China, about 90% of participants support China in defending itself and striking back at India with force.
India as a neighbor and have a "favorable impression" of them, putting the country the fourth on the list of the "most favorable neighbors," following Russia (48.8 percent), Pakistan (35.1 percent) and Japan (26.6 percent).
Just over 56% of participants said they have a "clear understanding of India" and 16.3% of them said they are "very familiar" with the country.

When asked to choose their top impressions of India, 31.4% of participants selected "the low social status of women,"
The above impression is caused by shocking news of the dire situation facing Indian women, such as horrific rape cases that are widely and frequently reported by international media.
The survey showed that 57.1%of the participants don't believe the Indian military poses a threat to China and 49.6% of them believed that the Indian economy is heavily reliant on China.

Most Chinese have a strong sense of superiority and confidence when looking at India.
70.5% of participants agree that the Chinese government should be tough in fighting back against India's provocations, and

89.1% of participants support military retaliation when India once again launched border conflicts.
Chinese analysts said the Chinese government did not use public opinion to escalate tensions with India,

but the Indian government has failed to control its domestic nationalism and even used it to launch unfair sanctions against Chinese firms in the country.
Interestingly, when asked "how long would India take to surpass China in terms of comprehensive national strength," 54% of surveyed respondents believe India "will never surpass China" and 10.4% of them said, "It will be possible in 100 years."

How this was all about liking Emperor?

The propaganda machine believes in post truth & funny that @dna's web research team done a fantastic research 🤪🤣

But I googled to see who started this chicanery to fool Indians while Emperor engaged with peacock.
It was reproduced by:

Navabharat times, Telugu Samayam of Times of India, Amar Ujala and many you tube channels.

These news papers are complicit in spreading fake news, w/o checking the @globaltimesnews website/twitter handle.

They are a disgrace to journalism.

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