For those of you shocked by the article saying that #JacobBlake, paralyzed by murderous cops, is now shackled to his hospital bed -- you don't know what healthcare is like for those under police custody.
The law is complicated and I'm not expert enough to summarize it, but suffice it to say that I've been in medicine for decades now, seen patients cared for in more than one state, and seen too many patients guarded by police, shackled like animals where they should be cared for.
Too often we doctors walk into the room where the imprisoned inpatient (our patient) is waiting, letting the police stand there, saying nothing about those unjust restraints.

This is the same violence which shot #JacobBlake in the back. The same our hospitals are complicit with.
Police and doctors are not on the same page -- or should not be. We should be in league with those who care, not with the enforcers.
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