BKDK NSFW deku w pussy: housewife Deku

Deku loves being a hero, it’s not easy saving his kids from constantly throwing themselves in danger. His first two kids shared the rambunctious brattiness his husband and pro hero Bakugou has. The two boys share his looks too,
the first child Natsume was practically a carbon copy of Katsuki except for his curly hair. The second son Shiro looked just like a baby Katsuki but with freckles and green eyes. The youngest is a babbling baby girl who looks just like her mama except with red eyes like her papa.
Her name is Hina, she being 1, Shiro 2(and a half), and Natsume the oldest at 3. Deku, well, had his hands full. He was lucky his family was well off and could afford a nanny who was an aspiring hero who needed cash, Uraraka. She acted as bodyguard And nanny.
Katsuki trusted her, didn’t want some “useless extra” attending his beloved wife. Deku however, is very hands on and tries to be with the kids as much as possible. He’s always making scrap books, capturing every child’s milestone, and keeps detailed diaries of his motherhood-
along with his hero analysis. But Uraraka helped in some many ways, Deku worked online with his hero data work and getting powernaps and for when... well. When Katsuki got home from work. Today is just like any other day.

Deku is sitting on the couch with the kids,
he’s wearing an old T shirt of Bakugou’s, black with a skull on front. Deku likes wearing Katsuki’s clothes because they are loose on him, his husband a hulking beast of a tall hero whereas Deku was a soft short man. So it’s easy to tug the big neckline down and let Hina -
drink milk from his nipples, Deku holds her in one arm as she’s latched and sucking while he has a stretched arm around Shiro and Natsume. Those two only sit still for the TV, especially when it’s about heroes. Today their papa is receiving an award for hero duty.
Deku smiles beightly, happy tears budding as they cheer on Kacchan who sulks from the publicity. Deku bit his lip, his man sure did look good in his suit. He made sure to only put on the news when he knew it was safe, he didn’t want their kids scared for their father’s welfare.
That was Deku’s burden alone. Uraraka hums as she washes dishes, she calls over her shoulder.

“Zuku kun! Dinner should be ready in 40 minutes or so, I’m making spicy curry since you said that’s Bakugou san’s favorite meal.”

Deku laughs and replies,

“That’s perfect-
Uraraka chan, thank you so much! Please make sure to keep Shiro’s curry mild because he doesn’t have the tolerance for spiciness like Natsume already does!” They both giggle and the door rattles and slams open, Katsuki looming in the doorway, freshlynpressed suit a little-
strained from the curves of muscle hiding underneath.

“DADDYS HOME YOU BRATS!” Natsume and Shiro squeal and climb down the couch to run as fast as they can to Katsuki. They hug his legs, Natsume holding his righth, Shiro holding his left. Katsuki’s sharp handsome grin-
lands on his wife, his red eyes going dark and grin stretching at Deku breastfeeding. Deku has to stay seated since Hina is still feeding, so he lets his beautiful smile beam up at Kacchan as he congratulates.

“Kacchan! Congrats on getting the reward for saving downtown-
last weekend! Hm I need to start reordering your award wall in the office, Kacchan’s just so amazing! Me n the little heros were just watching the award ceremony! Uraraka was sweet enough to start some spicy curry for us all!”

Uraraka walks into the livingroom,
smiling up at Bakugou then down at the kiddies cheering their dad on while still hugging his legs.

“Congratulations Sir! And yes! About 40 minutes left!”
TBC (dinner)
Katsuki simply grunts and nods, eyes already admiring his wife wiping Hina’s lips and setting her down in her crib. After feeding, Hina usually takes a nap around this time. Katsuki stops by her crib to pet her tiny green fuzz of hair, and kisses her forehead before-
pulling Deku by the arm. Uraraka knows what to do by now, she rolls her eyes and tells the kids, who are now running around the living room-

“Alright kiddos, be careful now. Why don’t you turn on some cartoons?”

The bedroom door locks behind Deku and Bakugou,
Bakugou shoving Deku onto the bed and throwing his blazer off haphazardly while Deku bites his lower lip, lovely blush filling into his round freckled cheeks. Bakugou keeps the rest of his suit on as he stands in front of the bed. His deep voice rumbles in satisfaction,
“Never get tired of you wearing my clothes, Deku. Go on, show me your panties.” Deku nods, gulping as his emerald eyes go half mast with lusty excitement.

Katsuki’s T shirts were basically dresses on him, he liked to surprise his husband with different cute panties or -
lingerie everyday if he could. Especially if it was one of the days Katsuki got an award. Deku leans back and pulls his T shirt up high enough to reveal a lewd crotchless panties that were merely strings of pearls. Katsuki pulls his cock out, erection getting uncomfortable-
trapped within his dresspants. The huge thick dick was already twitching to full attention, Katsuki’s hands stroke his cock languidly as his face goes dark and serious with possessive desire. He snaps,

“That’s my little whore, now fucking take that shirt off -
and spread that sweet pussy.” Deku mumbles shyly, kneeling on the mattress and tossing his shirt away.

“L-lower your voice Kacchan, the children might hear...” Katsuki stomps forward, grabbing practically naked Deku by the throat and slamming his green messy head of hair-
down onto the bed, Katsuki growls quietly,

“You fucking telling me what to do, haah? You think a little boy like you can talk to a Man like me like that?” Katsuki spanks Deku’s wet pink pussy and watches Deku weakly squeeze a moan out of his strangled throat.
Katsuki continues, vicious whisper nose to nose with Izuku, predatory maroon eyes locked onto Deku’s teary greens.

“Answer me right now, you stupid bitch.” Another fast slap to Deku’s pussy, that’s already dripping slick onto the sheets. He releases Deku’s throat,
leaning back as he’s knelt over Deku, red tie hanging down between them as he has heaving Deku replying with a whimper.

“Y-you’re right, Kacchan. Please forgive me.” Katsuki malicious grin slides up the sides of his attractive face, he then positions himself laying-
with his back against the headboard, a pillow behind him as he pats his lap for Deku to obey. He demands with a huff,

“Good boy. Now come here and let me take a good look at what’s mine.” Deku crawls over, shakily standing on the bed to have his scantily clad-
drenched little cunt right in fromt of his husband. Katsuki, looks up with a cruel glare as he bites out,

“Well?” This still embarrasses Deku, but he’d do anything for his Kacchan. He avoids Katsuki’s intense gaze and does an upsidedown peace sign with his right hand-
to spread his pussy right in front of Bakugou. His thighs shuddering from the close scrutiny, Deku’s pale chest was even flushed. He could feel Bakugou’s hot breaths pudding against his privates before a scalding tongue dipped in to taste him. Bakugou hums in contentment,
lapping at Deku’s tight soaked entrance. Tongue fucking Deku for a bit, savoring his salty taste and sweet musk, chuckling at Deku’s muffled cries and buckling legs. Katsuki pulls away before Deku falls, and orders while licking his lips.

“Not bad, you -
smell and taste damn good. Now loosen your man’s tie.” Deku straddles Katsuki’s lap, his clit rubbing forward against Bakugou’s red veiny cock impatiently.
As Deku paws at his disheveled tie, Katsuki roams his large hands over Dekus waist, admiring the squish and smoothness of his body. He leans forward to nibble and suck at one of Deku’s nipples, deku whines at the delicious friction between his soppy pussy grinding forward-
against his husband’s shaft and the harsh suction that sparks euphoric spasms throughout his frame. Deku coos with a breathy hush,

“Papa loves mama’s milk, huh Kacchan? Hehe, I’ve noticed over the years you always want some after you watch me breastfeed.” Katsuki-
ignores Deku and sucks harder, lowering his calloused hands to grab almost the entirety of each of Deku’s plump asscheeks to squeeze. He spanks Deku’s ass with one brutal swing, that has Deku swinging his head back and covering his mouth to stifle himself. Katsuki-
snorts, lifting Deku’s hips up a little so that his bulbous cockhead nudged at Deku’s leaking opening.

“Tch, always analyzing everything, you damn nerd. Now do something useful for a change and use that pussy to make your Man feel good, understand?” Deku catches his breath,
Lowering slowly, puffy sore nipples glistening with milk and saliva, pretty eyes wet, he leans forward to kiss Katsuki softly with love.

“Yes, Kacchan.”

Deku sinks all the way down, finally feeling relief from the flames of want licking at his nerves. His puny pussy-
gulping down the cock enthusiastically, the little strings of pearl decorating his cunt and ass jingle as he rides his husband’s cock. Deku’s face is cherry red, he pants as little cute mews escape him and asks.

“Did the c-conference go w-well? Ah Ahn..” Katsuki -
is sweating profusely, Bakugou unbuttons his shirt a little and relaxes as his wife massages his cock with his cunt. His thumb flicks and rubs at Deku’s clit, he smirks at Deku keening as quietly as he can, struggling to keep properly riding his Man.
“God speeches always take so long and then the dumbasses drown me in the press after, it’d be a better reward if they just mailed the damn medal.” Deku smiles, a wonderul wanton sight to see as he humps Katsuki happily, legs wide and knees in the blankets, leaning back on his-
palms as he takes his Kacchan’s cock deep inside him with slow thrusts now. It’s a battle to even talk at this point, Deku is so close to cumming.

“F-funny..mnnNn ah.. Kacchan’s so f-funny..” Katsuki’s heart squeezes with adoration, he loves Deku so much.
He leans forward and encircles his wife in his arms, now bucking up wildly so that the tip of his cock kisses Deku’s cervix. He clenches his jaw and grits out,

“F-fuck Deku. That’s it, that’s my good little wife. Gonna make sure this perfect pussy takes all my cum.”
Deku sobs, arms laced around Katsuki’s neck as he’s bobbed on Bakugou’s cock.

“Y-yes! Kacchan! AHN! I’m ready, I’m ready to get pregnant! Please!” And with that Katsuki digs his blunt nails into Deku’s ass with every surge of milky thick seed that pours into Deku’s womb.
Deku’s toes curl as his head hangs back limply, eyes staring up at nothing as he jolts from his overwhelming orgasm. They hear Uraraka call out that dinners ready while holding onto eachother, making sure that every drop of Katsuki’s cum is sucked into Deku’s pulsing cunt.
Deku lays down on his back, legs straight up as he does his best to make sure the new load he received today impregnates him. Katsuki takes two minutes to take a quick shower, then slips into pajamas. He grabs his skull T shirt and then otherclothes on the ground and-
throws them into the laundry basket. Then picks out one of Deku’s All Might T shirts and basketball shorts, and a tight pair of yellow ruffly panties and places them on Deku’s lap. Katsuki sits on the side of the bed as he watches Deku slide on the panties and the rest of-
his leisure clothes.

“Did ya get most of your report done on that new villain yet?” Deku is fully dressed as he lazily gets up and walks out the door with Katsuki’s arm around his waist.

“Hmmn... Yeah, just about, his quirk is fascinating! I think I have it figured out.”
Deku sits at the table and the kids are babbling nonsense, and Katsuki hands his wife a bottle of water. Deku smiles warmly at him and says thank you, and tells Uraraka the food looks amazing.

Both Katsuki and Deku wouldn’t change a thing about their lives.
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