I am home from my first day back (no students) and I am honestly shocked. The masks promised to teachers and students have not arrived and no one is sure when they will get there. But don't worry, /1 @alberta_moms @SOSAlberta @shoffmanAB @schill_dawg @RachelNotley
the government sent an emergency kit. The kit contained 1 box of kleenex, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, 1 box of gloves,1 box of facemasks and 10 freezer baggies. That is not a joke. There are more than 1000 students at my school. How do you even respond to that? /2
I understand that this government has a hate for unions including the teachers union. But to get at us by putting students at risk is beyond the pale. Why would you do that? What kind of government risks student safety to make an ideological point? @jkenney please /3
stop for one moment and talk to teachers. Hear what is happening in schools. Is there no way that we can do better for students? Could we at least make sure they have masks before classes begin? Teachers have already stocked up on masks and cleaning supplies for /4
our students. We will do everything to keep them safe. Your government needs to step up to the plate. Time is almost up. Schools are not safe - not by a country mile /5 @RichardGotfried
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