1- RT this! I will summarize their exact plan in this thread. Never, ever ignore this thread. And don't forget to share. Why do they want to mask all humans?
Because, Global Cult took decision to inhabitant planets. They have prepared a 500 year plan.We are at the beginning of it
2- They will try to convert normal humans into multi planetary humans. This may mean nothing but there is more gap between a normal human living in earth and a multi planetary "human" than the gap between homo erectus and homo sapiens (I use it as an example.)
3- Because a multi planetary human can not be a human as we know it. Normal humans, us, are open systems (they describe us like this) but a multi planetary human needs to be a closed system (here we go). Such a human can not live. So,his functions must be kept going thru machines
4- So, the most important organ of human related to space travel is lungs. They literally decided in a written way that they need to remove "lung breathing". Yes, they want to remove your lungs and perform the function made by lungs thru breathing with chemicals
5-They want our lungs removed because in space travel oxygen will be always scarce. So, they want to get humans used to breath Co2. In space, even you produce O2, the spaces inside a spaceship, O2 does not spread equally. So, you have to inhale Co2 all the time
6- But this is only one of countless problems. Your brain will not accept machines as an organ. Do you remember those ventilators used on virus patients? To intubate a human with ventilator, you need to paralyze him. So, they want to remove your natural brain functions with chips
7- Those "vaccines" are not vaccines but syringe-injected transistors. These transistors are micron sized. And only mmwave signals can interact with micronized transistors. 5G is the only mmwave signal source.
8- And they started to put satellite in space. Elon Musk is putting 40,000 satellites. Every 1 km, one satellite. These satellites will connect to transistors syringe injected into your brain.They will be able to control your nerve system. So, they will establish space order here
9- And then, this society, will be sent to planets to be used as organic material. They will be used for purposes and then left to die there so bacteria will start living there. And your bacteria will be living in Co2 because you used to it due to masks. Such a nice plan:)
11- The historical and ideological background is explained in the book but also they openly talk to your face their plans but you don’t understand it. https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/space.2017.29009.emu?journalCode=space
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