#Reparations roll call of offenders

1. BB Comer - 33rd Gov of Ala. Plantation owner, then co-developer of Eureka Mines. Comer would lease (black) “criminals”, work them 17hrs/day, and beat and torture them for the smallest of infractions. An est. 15 ppl died in his mine, per day
2. Nathan Bedford Forrest - planter, slave trader and slave owner. Became a Col in the Confederate Army and is known for slaughtering hundreds of black Union soldiers at Ft. Pillow. Was a founding member of the KKK and became its fist Grand Wizard.
3. James M. Sims - the “father of modern gynecology” would operate on multiple enslaved black women, multiple times (without anesthesia) to perfect his craft. During the Civil War, he ran off to Europe to beg for aid to help finance the Confederate war machine.
4. Andrew Johnson- slave owner, House Rep, Governor of Tenn, senator, and 17th president. Restored the South after the war, gave amnesty to ex-Confederates, supported Black Codes, vetoed the CRA of 1866, impeached, survived, caused more mayhem for freed black people.
5. Strom Thurmond - governor and 48 yr SC senator, presidential candidate, diehard segregationist (didn’t want the “nigra race” in his theaters), voted against the CRA, routinely smashed his black maid and had a mixed daughter that he kept a secret for decades
6. FHA - In the 1930s, the FHA established redlining standards that discriminated against black borrowers, steered away private investors, and caused black home values and neighborhoods to deteriorate. From 1934 - 1968, black Americans received only 2% of all FHA insured loans
7. Adelicia Acklen – wealthiest female slave owner in Tenn after her husbands death. Owned plantations, land, and slaves across two states. Four of her plantations were sold to the state and became “Angola” State Prison, while her mansion is now Belmont (Christian) University
8. Benjamin Tillman – governor of SC and U.S. Senator. During his 4 years, 18 black ppl were lynched. He frequently ridiculed black ppl in his speeches and bragged about helping to lynch them. He was a member of the ‘Red Shirts’ that terrorized black ppl attempting to vote.
9. Thomas H. Ruger – Union general and provisional governor of GA. Started convict leasing to work the GA - Alabama Railroad at $2.5k for 100 Negro’s. Leased 100’s more to work more railroads. GA ended convict leasing in 1908.
10. Coleman L. Blease – governor of SC and US senator. He encouraged lynching and was against education for blacks. Once buried the severed finger of a lynched black man in the South Carolina gubernatorial garden.
11. Ronald Reagan - 40th President, the original MAGA, daddy of dog whistling. Ran on “states rights” and black women being lazy welfare queens. Slashed budgets that destroyed black communities and oversaw them being flooded with crack and cocaine during Iran-Contra.
12. Ross Robert Barnett – governor of Miss that won on a segregation ticket. Famously said "The Negro is different because God made him different to punish him. His forehead slants back. His nose, lips, and his color is sure different.”
13. Stephen Duncan - wealthy banker, investor, and major southern planter. Wealthiest slave owner in the south owning 1000s of acres of land and 1000s of slaves. Purchased land in Canada and Africa to send freed slaves if they would just go away and not cause trouble in Miss.
15. Zephaniah Kingsley - a Quaker from England that owned several plantations in what is now Jacksonville, FL. He married FOUR of his enslaved black women, the first being only 13-years old. He would occasionally allow her to run the plantations in his absence
16. PT Barnum – founder of Barnum & bailey Circus. Started by purchasing a blind and paralyzed black woman claiming she was the 160 yr old nurse of George Washington. Worked her for 12hrs/day, after death showed her autoposy in public for 50 cents per viewer.
17. Rebecca Felton – first woman Senator, feminist, ex-slave owner. Claimed black people would commit more crimes if they received an education. Considered black men 1/2 gorillas that lusted after white women. Promoted lynching to protect white society from black men.
18. Charles B. Aycock – 50 Gov of N.C. Aycock was the leading planner of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, where 2000 white men took over the city government, destroying black homes and businesses, and killing hundreds of people.
19. Charles DuPont – member of the DuPont family (yes, THAT DuPont family) and FL supreme court justice. Owned 5,000 acres in Gadsden County and owned more than 100 slaves. Created Florida’s black codes that made freed blacks into de facto slaves.
20. Thomas Parran Jr - head of 'Tuskeegee Experiment'. With out consent, infected 399 black men with syphilis in order to study the long term effects of the disease. For 40yrs, none of them were notified they were infected and none were offered antibiotics for treatment.
21. Joshua J. Ward – the “Rice King”. Largest and wealthiest rice producer in the U.S. (at the time). Largest slave owner in U.S history with his estate holding around 1,100 slaves. Also served as Lt. Gov of South Carolina.
22. John Ross - (half Scottish) Chief of the Cherokee Nation and the "Moses of his people". Started a series of businesses that made him the wealthiest of all Cherokee. All of the work on his 170 acre tobacco farm was done by his 20 black slaves.
23. Haller Nutt – Owner of 7 plantations, 800 slaves and 43k acres of land, he had a net worth of $3 million ($31m in 2020). Nutt lost his entire fortune during the war but the Federal Government compensated him the equivalent of his lost assets.
24. James K. Vardaman - Gov of Miss and U.S Senator. Remarked that "If it's
necessary every Negro in the state will be lynched; it will be done to
maintain white supremacy".
25.,Julian Carr - industrialist, philanthropist, YT supremacist. Assistant founder of Duke Univ. Promoted race riots and turmoil in the late 19th century, including the Wilmington Race Riot. Once bragged of horse-whipping a black "wench" "until her skirt hung in shreds".
26. Joe Biden - “I don’t buy the concept that we have suppressed the blk man for 300 yrs and the YT man is now ahead for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must give the blk man a head start, or hold the YT man back to even the race.’ I don’t buy that”.
27. John T. Milner – wealthy owner of the Milner Coal and Railway, leased 150 “convicts” who remained shackled together 24/7, packed in tight living quarters, slept with rats, served rotten food on dirty dishes, and all shared a total of three wash tubs.
28. Joseph Wragg – Slave trader from Charleston, SC. For 27 years, he owned 36 ships and imported 10,000 slaves. His name appears 25 times in ledgers concerning shipments of slaves from Gambia between 1722 - 1727. His son-in-law (Peter) owned the ancestors of Omarosa Manigault.
29. Samuel Cartwright – an 1800s physician that invented a mental illness called “drapetomania”, which he accused black people of having who desired to be free from slavery. He suggested that any slave he diagnosed with this illness be whipped and read passages from the Bible.
30. Bull Connor - Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham. He directed the use of fire hoses and police dogs against civil rights activists and protestors. Connor also let the KKK physical assault and injure Freedom Riders for 15 minutes before letting police respond.
31. U.S. Steel – once the worlds largest steel producer. Did so through the labor of cheaply paid black workers and exploited convicts through the 1920’s. U.S. Steel had agreements with more than 20 counties in Alabama to obtain leased convicts for $9/month.
32. Edward Jeffries – 1940-1948 Detroit mayor. Planned Detroit’s “Urban Renewal” which tore up the “Black Bottom”, home of black homes and businesses. The “renewal” was capped off by the construction of I-75 straight through a black neighborhood, permanently displacing residents.
33. William Parker – 1950s LA police chief. Creator of the term “thin blue line”. Never arrested a single white supremacist that committed violence in his jurisdiction. The police brutality under his department led directly to the Watts Riots.
34. Delphine LaLaurie - New Orleans slave owner that would torture and brutalized her slaves. During a house fire, rescuers found seven of them mutilated, suspended by the neck with their limbs stretched and torn from one extremity to the other. She ran off to France afterwards.
35. Richard Nixon - 36th President. Earliest of republicans to mask his racism using dog whistles. Undid LBJ’s economic proposals to assist black communities. Won black voters with the myth of Black Capitalism/do-for-self’ism instead of repair through direct government action.
36. Benjamin Harris - slave-owning tobacconist from Richmond, VA that would brutalize his slaves. Harris once whipped a teenage girl while his wife burned her with iron until she eventually died. He whipped another man to death after forcing him to cut off his own hand.
37. John Hopkins University - held a free childcare program for “inner city” children. In reality, it was a program paid for by the NIH in which they would take blood samples from 7000 black children and study their genes to see if they were destined to become criminals.
38. Homestead Act - passed during the Civil War, allowed any (white) citizen, or immigrant, who never took up arms against the U.S., to claim 160 acres of (free) government land, provided that they improve the plot by building a dwelling and/or cultivate the land within 5 years.
39. James G. Woodward - mayor of Atlanta during the 1906 massacre, he accused “black brutes assaulting our white women” as the cause of the riot in which white mobs destroyed black lives, homes, and businesses after newspapers reported 4 white women were raped by black men.
40. Oliver Cummins – (1824) one of the members of a white mob that went into the (former) black town of Hard Scrabble, RI, started a riot, and burned down 20 homes. Only 4 of the rioters were charged and only one was found guilty.
41. Irish Immigrants – fed up with competing with freed slaves for housing, work, and social space, Irish immigrants in Memphis started a race riot in 1866, killing 46 people, raping 5 women. Burned 89 homes, 12 schools and 4 churches (all black).
42. Irish Immigrants – rather than be drafted into the Union Army and serve their (new) country, Irish immigrants in NYC started a race riot, attacking and lynching black men, women, and children. Black people were forced to flee Manhattan and move to Brooklyn.
43. Agnes Loebeck – a white woman in Omaha, NE that accused Will Brown of raping her. He escaped a lynching verdict so, mobs of white men attacked the courthouse and innocent black people until the judge let him out the jail and allowed them to lynch and mutilate him.
44. Allen Chandler – 56th Gov of GA that oversaw some of the most brutal lynchings in GA history, including the lynching of Sam Hose who defended himself from his white boss. He blamed blacked people for causing their own lynchings.
45. Edward Tutwiler - superintendent of Coalburg Prison-Mines, had 320 “convicts” and growing. The prison had no floor or toilets, prisoners were poorly fed, and held past the end of their prison sentence. 8/10 prisoners died in 1883
46. Alcibiades DeBlanc – founder of the Knights of the White Camelia (KKK), organized the Opelousas massacre where they murdered close to 250 black people over the course of 3 months.
47. James Jeffries –  the “Great White Hope”, former heavy weight champion that lost to Jack Johnson. While not directly responsible, white mobs caused riots in almost every major city after his loss. Attacking and killing random black people, just because…
48. Newberry, FL - Aug 18, 1916, the Sheriff w/a mob of 200 white men hung the entire family of Boisey Long, a black suspect accused of stealing hogs and (allegedly) killing the constable, then escaping. The mob killed the family for the crime of being related to him.
49. Roger Taney – 5th Chief Justice of the U.S. Taney delivered the majority decision in Dred Scott vs Sanford that black people were not citizens and the federal government could not prohibit slavery. Oddly enough, he opposed slavery.
50. Kamala Harris - Indian-American Senator. Loves race soldiers. Opposed a law for body cameras. Locked up black women with racist truancy laws and laughed about it. Kept black men in prison to fight wildfires. Doesn’t like black ppl until election time.
51. Thomas Blanton (aged)– one of 4 white supremacists that planted dynamite under the 16 Street Baptist Church. They called the Sunday school and said “3 minutes”, less than one minute before the explosion killed 4 black children and injured 22.
52. Thomas Watts – 18th Gov of Ala. A wealthy lawyer that owned 180 slaves. He is the 2nd great grandfather of the author of the ‘Turner Diaries’ (William Pierce), a book where YT extremists take over the government and re-enslave black people and kill off “race traitors”.
53. Charles Brough – 25th Gov of AR, requested federal troops to aid white mobs and the KKK in attacking and killing 200+ black people during the Elaine Massacre, which broke out after 100 black farmers demanded fair land settlements.
54. S.C. Highway Patrol – antagonists of the 1968 Orangeburg massacre.  200 mostly black protestors demonstrated against a segregated bowling alley. S.C.’s finest decided to opened fire into the crowd for 15 secs, killing 3 black students and injuring 28.
55. Bill Clinton - 42nd President. Used “tough on crime” talk to win over white voters. Signed Joe Biden’s $30b crime bill, making mass incarceration the law of the land. Passed a welfare reform bill, targeting black families that couldn’t find work.
56. U.S. Military - July 1919, white members of the military started the DC race riots and attacked random black ppl after a black man (allegedly) raped a white woman. It was one the few riots where white casualties outnumbered black casualties.
57. Judge Taylor Beattie – formed a militia of 300 white men in Thibodaux, LA to attack black workers during a 3 week long labor strike. 50 black people were killed and hundreds were injured including their wives and children.
57. Maury County, TN – after Cordie Cheek, a 17-year old black youth, was found not guilty of rape. The magistrate formed a mob, kidnapped him from his home, castrated and hung him. Everyone (man, woman, and child) in attendance celebrated the lynching.
58. Cicero, IL Police – threatened black ppl to move out of an apartment building in Cicero, IL. This led to a violent white mob of 4,000 to attack the buildings residents and cause $20k in property damages
59. Judah P. Benjamin - first Jewish person to hold a Cabinet position in the U.S, and the first to be elected to the U.S Senate. He was also a wealthy planter and slaveowner that owned 140 slaves.
60. William Aiken – 61st governor of SC. He was one of the state's wealthiest citizens, owner of the largest rice plantation, with over 700 slaves. His descendants still prosper off of his wealth.
61. S.C. Highway Patrol – Feb, 1946, attacked and maimed a black WWII veteran (Isaac Woodward), while in uniform, as he was taking a Greyhound bus home. The bus driver called the police on Woodward after he asked to use the bathroom at a rest stop.
62. Valcour Aime - slave owner, sugar planter Known as the "Louis XIV of Louisiana," he was the wealthiest person in the South after pioneering the large-scale refining of sugar.
63. Robert Barrow - sugar planter and slave owner. He owned a dozen plantations in Louisiana and Texas, and hundreds of slaves. Financed the Confederate Navy, after losing most of his wealth during the Civil War, afterwards, it was repaid to his descendants.
64. Robert E. Lee – Confederate general. stated that blacks benefited from slavery and should be freed when it was “gods will”. Remarked the blacks learned more discipline in America than they would have in Africa, and that overall, slavery harmed whites more than it did blacks.
65. James Alcorn – Senator from Miss. After becoming wealthy from his law practice, he built a three-story house at his Mound Place Plantation in Coahoma County. By 1860, he owned nearly a hundred slaves and held land valued at 1/4th of a million dollars.
66. William Byrd II – wealthy land owner and founder of Richmond, VA. Byrd treated his slaves “appallingly”. He kept a diary of whipping his slaves, including making one drink a pint of his piss. His arguments with his wife also led to him beating his slaves.
67. Mark Cockrill – multimillionaire owner of a large ranch and cotton plantation in Tennessee, with 300 slaves. He was known as the "Wool King of the World", worth US$2 million, and the richest person Tennessee at the time.
68. Thomas Dew – pro-slavery president of William & Mary, argued that whites and freed blacks could not live alongside one other in peace and deportation of blacks would prevent Virginia from profiting as 'a negro raising state’.
69. JW Comer – brother of BB Comer, operated the family plantation and the Eureka mines. 1878 - 1880, 25 “convicts” died in his mines. Their bodies were dumped into pits at the mine site. He would whip his “convicts” while dogs bit at them, begging for mercy.
70. John Catron – Associate SCOTUS. Held slaves his entire life and had a mixed son with one of his female slaves, whom he only gave .25 cents in his entire life. Catron sided with the majority in the Dred Scott case. His son passed for white and eventually became very wealthy.
71. Richard Call – 5th Governor of Florida. Owned 8000 plantation acres in Leon county, FL and was the 3rd largest slave owner in Florida. The governors mansion in Tallahassee was built on one of his plantations.
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