1/ No one out here is talking about the tactical failures of cops. Like, some of this shit, is tactically stupid.

Its not only that police are acting a soldiers, but poor soldiers at that.

I say this as someone who has trained as both. #DefundThePolice
2/Policing over the years has siphoned billions $ in research, tech, and weaponry to give police options. Yet, the instinctive option is universally still: the gun.

When you publicly debate such tactics, police throw up the whole "split second", "you dont understand" shit.
3/Surgeons, astronauts, race car drivers - all make split second decisions that are still calculated and responsible.

But this isn't really about that, because the truth is, cops have radios/surveillance/and investigative capabilities...
4/However, police are hardly interested in "justice work", their stats show this - according to the FBI's latest data, cops only clear about avg 45% of all violent crimes, and 15% of all property crimes.
5/When Minn. police were presented with a tip about counterfeit bills, police didn't investigate possible larger criminal conspiracy involving who made these fake bills.....instead...they suffocated #GeorgeFloyd , killing their only lead, in the middle of the street.
6/When a Cleveland boy was playing with a probable-toy-gun, police weren't interested in who sold this to a minor (which is illegal) - instead - they shot their lead, 12-yr-old #TamirRice within 2 seconds of arriving.
7/ I don't say all this to empower the police to take punitive actions or investigate every crime, I'm just using this as an example to explain how policing isn't about solving crimes anymore - its about demonstrations of authority. And cops are killing people to maintain it.
8/PS: The reason why people like #KyleRittenhouse get to go home at sleep at night, even though shot people in the street on camera, is because their political stance/and whiteness do not challenge the authority of the police. (Even though vigilante actions technically should)
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