Thread: Saddened to learn of the passing of Farid Khayrulin, a great photojournalist that left his mark in #Azerbaijan.

As a tribute, would like to post some of his best photos.
I always liked Khayrulin's photos of oil platforms. #Azerbaijan #Baku
Oil basin. Azerbaijan © Farid Khayrulin
Karate kid. Baku © Farid Khayrulin
Black January. Baku. 1990 © Farid Khayrulin
Baku. © Farid Khayrulin

I could be wrong but I think this is mid 2000s.
Unlocking the Road to Shusha. 1989. © Farid Khayrulin
Khojaly. 1989. © Farid Khayrulin
Azerbaijani refugees in Sadarak after skirmishes. 1989 © Farid Khayrulin
After deportation: Azerbaijani refugees from Armenia in Baku. 1989 © Farid Khayrulin
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