I think what really frustrates me every time a new pack for @TheSims comes out I see a lot of people saying, "Long time simmers deserve more."

I just get fucking excited that they're still making my favorite game since I was a kid. And there's new stuff coming out.
and I know a lot of other people around my age and older who feel the same way.

Heck, most of my friends ONLY have the Base Game and maybe a couple packs.

(This does not negate the overhaul regarding skin tones, representation in the Sims, etc.)
I just feel too old and not trendy enough for The Sims 4 community that is being represented. Period.
And one last thing... please stay angry about the lack of representation of skin tones, representation in the artwork in build mode, added pronouns, disability representation, etc. etc. This is not what this thread is about.
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