Indian society's relationship to god even subconsciously is defined by rebirth and karma. Your rebirth and karma comeuppance depends on your input into the system either in past life or current.

"karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana" /1
This is why when a successful person by societal standards like SSR comes out as depressed it confuses us.
We cannot compute the idea that someone can be unhappy (our basic understanding of depression is that) even with amassing such fame, success and wealth. /2
This spreads to other such events too, famously we still can't believe that Subhas Bose just died, million conspiracies came out of it. Or even Lal Bahadur Shahstri's death has generated some speculations. /3
In his book Crowds & Power, Elias Canetti observed, all rewards that religions promise are in the afterlife.
Because anything more immediate would mean god needs to demonstrate some merits for believers which would create more skeptics instead.
There's one exception, Hinduism /4
Hinduism is not about the other world but rebirth. The final goal is to be released entirely and death rites and beliefs—funeral in Kashi—seek freedom from rebirth.

While, Christianity and Islam are about how to enter heaven; Hinduism is about how not to return to earth. /5
The Hindu relationship with god is transactional: I give you this, you give me that. God must be petitioned and placated to swing the universe’s blessings towards you. Religion is about bending god’s influence towards you through pleas, and appeasement, through offerings. /6
Max Weber explained success of capitalism in US, Germany and Britain due to their Protestant faith. This ethic, or culture, was missing from Catholics of South America.
In India, belief in our own goodness is derived from our success achieved, almost backwards to front. /7
That is why we see in India, social status giving you a guarantee against criminal accusations. While Dhoni retires we have collectively forgotten his conflict of interest and CSK scandals, Salman Khan is still big and Modi Ji our messiah. /8
So, for the society to fathom that someone can be unhappy or depressed even with unimaginable success and therefor chose to end that pain is not something they can compute. And that is how all the conspiracies and stories around his death. /9
Another interesting observation around this transaction nature of hinduism. While we worship, vishnu and shiva, we do not worship brahma because he has already created the universe and now he can offer us nothing more. /end
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