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At the height of Izuku’s reign, he felt as though he had it all. He possessed the finest jewels, fucked the most delectable alphas, and manipulated the most arrogant of kings. It came easily to him just as one would to walking or breathing.
It wasn’t until the tides began to turn and rumours of a new era saturated the land. Izuku recalled news of a rising empire in the eastern islands, an alpha claiming to be the first prime alpha ever to successfully mature into adulthood.
Izuku didn’t believe it of course, until it was too late.

They swarmed the palace in the dead of night, silently slaughtering the hundreds of guards and trained soldiers protecting the walls and surveying Izuku’s city.
Izuku could hear their screams from the comfort of his bedroom inside the palace; he heard the army approaching in the dead of night till they breached the gates and stormed the royal accommodations.

He didn’t believe he could fall so easily-
helpless in the destruction of all he’s worked for so a reckless prime alpha could claim regent of his lands and deem him powerless.

Omegas, especially ones of Izuku’s stature, have been underestimated since the beginning,
even more so since the first prime omega reared their head into the cruel, cruel world.

The quest to attain a prime omega became a feat not many could achieve and they eventually died out. All except for Izuku’s mother of course.
She ended up birthing Izuku and now here he sits, lurking in the darkness of his bedroom, knife clutched under his pillow with his eyes fallen shut peacefully.

If he has to, he’ll kill for his freedom and his crown. His mother did after all.
The sound of multiple footsteps and loud voices echo in the hall right outside Izuku’s bedroom, prowling the halls of his palace and sweeping the servant quarters close by. He could compare them to wolves ravaging his kingdom, licking their teeth clean of his flesh,
picking his bones of any remaining meat until he is left bare for the vultures to swarm in their festering hunger.

The thought of them tainting his home with their insinuated superiority and sense of entitlement has him seething beneath the covers of his bed.
His fingers curl around the dagger handle promptly, white knuckled with the leather biting into the soft flesh of his palm.

The grand doors swing open and several men rush into the room. Their voices die down the moment their leader hushes them,
falling silent as the omega focuses on slowing his breathing to mimic a peaceful sleep.

Whispers exchange between the enemy, bickering among themselves as Izuku lays awake and in waiting. It comes to a screeching halt when a low pitched growl snaps at the group,
whipping their backs and reminding them of their place in the world they inhabit.

Footsteps march out from Izuku’s bedroom until the door clicks shut and leaves Izuku to his lonesome. He remains frozen however,
still contemplating if they laid a trap for him to bring him to his ultimate demise or something of the sort.

His ears perk up at the faint sound of armour creaking together, metal tapping on itself and fabric rustling as a person walks toward his bed
encapsulated by his sheer blue canopy. His heart races against his will as the soldier approaches, refusing the yield, let alone surrender as his chest seizes and denies to expand his lungs any further.

The man’s scent enters his vicinity and
Izuku’s eyes snap open wide and alert. It spreads heavily atop his bed and captures Izuku’s own scent in a vice grip. Izuku can hardly smell himself on top of the alpha’s scent permeating the room, the blankets suddenly being saturated with delicate spices, aloe vera, and mango.
It’s a scent he’s never smelt before, and he’s not sure if he ever wanted to.

Izuku’s eyes fall shut on instinct as the alpha rounds his bed, hands slipping between the fabric of his canopy to part the sheets and gain access to the would-be omega king.
Izuku regrets sleeping clad in his shorter robe as the summer heat strikes him late at night and leaves him in a disgusting sweat.

The alpha’s scent sneaks inside Izuku’s lungs and twists the flesh inside his chest. The sensation of longing and desire flood his system beyond his
understanding as the man leans over his frame, weight dipping on the mattress by kneeling on the very edge. Izuku feels the weight as if it pulls on his very flesh, tearing and cutting at his nerves viciously.

Izuku feels the alpha’s breath on his neck and shoulder.
He’s so close he can feel it-

Izuku lashes out, dagger slipping out from under his pillow and toward his attacker’s neck. If he’s lucky, he’ll snag an artery and hopefully the alpha will bleed out long before he’s found and long after Izuku has fled the city.
The alpha’s head whips to the side and allows the blade to glide along his cheek bone without as much as a grunt. His hand snatches Izuku’s wrist and squeezes promptly to which the omega yelps and releases the dagger that slices into his silk pillows.
The alpha is handsome, adorning blond hair, brilliant red eyes and dashing features that Izuku has now ruined with a cut leaking down his cheek.

The blond doesn’t bother to reach for Izuku’s other hand, simply taking his left hand and whipping it over Izuku’s head to lock
his arm in place across the omega’s heaving chest.

A frustrated shriek erupts from his lips as the omega thrashes in the blond’s grip frantically. The alpha refuses to yield, even going as far as to squeeze his arm around Izuku’s frame,
limiting the space for air inside the smaller’s diaphragm. Slowly the organs inside Izuku’s chest burn for oxygen, banging on the inside of his ribs to expand or at least suck in a small breath before the tiny black dots take over his sight.
His body falls limp against the man, slowly laid onto the soft blankets of the bed where the omega inhales a sharp intake of air. The blond alpha stares down at him, crimson eyes glistening in the dim lighting as he leans over Izuku’s weakened form.
His eyes roam the expanse of his form hungrily and instantly Izuku knows what he desires. Would it be so callous of Izuku if he wanted it too? He resents his body and how it reacts to the alpha’s scent lurking inside his bedroom,
mixing with his own sweet scent that clearly states his secondary gender and the rarity of his status as a prime.

The alpha’s hands come up to caress Izuku’s cheek, eyes flickering up to the dazed expression Izuku claims as his own. The oxygen returns to his lungs and
uels his heart to pump blood to the rest of his body.

The alpha’s hand is hardened with the hardship of battle, the outline of his sword handle can be felt in his right palm while his left is softer, indicating he prefers the right immensely.

The blond exhales in relief,
thumb running across the expanse of Izuku’s freckled cheeks fondly.

“You’re more beautiful than I imagined.”

The alpha croons, addicted to Izuku’s long eyelashes flickering as his consciousness revives itself from it’s half-dead state.
Izuku instinctively purrs to which he quickly cuts off, refusing to show the alpha any form of affection especially to an enemy soldier who besieged his precious city.

The alpha rumbles at him. It’s an affectionate sound an alpha can form toward an omega they believe to be
their forever mate. Izuku snorts at the thought of some random alpha believing that they are worthy of him. Many have tried, many have failed just as quickly with their poor choice of courting gifts and even poorer choice of words.

Izuku is a king, an omega king at that.
What could this alpha offer him that would make up for the falling of his great city? He doubts anything could.

“Are you of age?”

The question gives rise to anger inside Izuku’s chest. The omega snarls with his newfound courage and energy,
thrashing over with his claws elongated from his fingertips. The alpha refuses to let Izuku harm him a second time and swiftly captures the smaller’s wrist before going straight for the omega’s vulnerable throat. His rough palm clasps Izuku’s pulsating throat,
giving a harsh squeeze that shocks his system into realizing his position in the sorely unequal power dynamic.

“I asked you a question, little one.”

The blond growls lowly, but not in an aggressive trill Izuku would expect. The emerald haired omega becomes confused at the
blond’s choice of tone and even goes as far as to wrap his hands around the wrists of the alpha.

Izuku feels the alpha’s pulse humming in his body, pounding, yet still calm as he gazes down at the omega. What could possibly be going through this man’s head?

Izuku musters out unintentionally. He doesn’t know why he answers the man or even why he tells the truth above all things.

The blond’s eyes drift to the space between Izuku’s neck and shoulder, analyzing it before shifting to the other one still covered by his emerald robe.
“No mate?”

His words strike worry into Izuku’s body. Nothing good could come of that question, especially when it comes from an alpha hovering over Izuku’s person in the dead of night.

The omega purses his lips, clutching the alpha’s wrists in his palms
as if that would keep the blond from slowly squeezing until Izuku falls limp. The alpha’s crimson eyes narrow and his palm squeezes the omega’s throat in warning. Izuku stiffens, tensing his whole body in suspense.

“I’m taking that as a no.”
The alpha hoists Izuku up by his arm and twirls the omega to press the smaller back to his chest. Izuku sucks in a sharp breath as he kneels on the mattress with the strange man’s heart beating flush with his back. He feels the alpha’s breath on his exposed neck and shoulder,
fanning across his skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

“I’ll kill you…”

Izuku whispers into the void of their isolated world. The blond chuckles into his ear amusingly.

It only takes a second for Izuku to gasp at the piercing pain erupting from the juncture
between his shoulder and neck. The smaller’s hand comes up to yank at the blond’s soft strands as he screams for release, fighting every moment until the alpha extracts his fangs from the omega’s flesh. Izuku refuses to relinquish his grip on the blond’s head of hair even as
the alpha laps his hot tongue across the newly made mark binding them together.

Izuku releases a down-pitched growl which is miniscule in comparison to the alpha’s possessive trill he responds with moments later. To Izuku’s dismay, warmth spreads outward from the claim mark,
infecting his head and body with desirous emotions.

“You taste like honey suckle…”

The blond rumbles as he releases his grip on Izuku’s body.

For a moment, Izuku wishes he could strike the man, take him down and escape with his dignity still intact when the blond’s
hands rest on his waist to hold him close.

It becomes something Izuku craves despite not knowing the alpha’s name or even where he’s from, only that he is the one responsible for the marking upon his neck and is the one the intoxicating scent of cinnamon and
other spices spouts from.

The blond’s hands glide toward the sash tying Izuku’s robe together and painstakingly unravels his sickly sweet prize.

“Such a small man.”

Izuku mumbles to himself.
The alpha whirls him around, brow raised whilst his hand holds the two ends of his sash in his scarred palm.

“Congratulations, you have a prime omega. Too bad your tiny alpha knot will never satisfy me.”

Izuku spits, wrath bubbling in the depth of his stomach as
arousal involuntarily pulses through him. The alpha doesn’t seem interested in the slightest with Izuku’s insults and shoves the omega onto the soft bed below. Izuku hits the mattress with a distinct thump, staring up at his captor that kneels over his vulnerable form.
The blond’s flaming eyes gaze down at the smaller, flickering from the open wound to Izuku’s exposed chest and to his lithe torso he drinks in languidly.

“Since you’re mine, there’s nothing keeping me from doing this-”
The alpha brings his hand to yank at the ties keeping his armour together. Both breast places along with his shoulder armour falls to the floor with a deafening crack as he reaches for his neck. Two patches stick to either side of his neck,
both rectangular in shape and brown in colour.

He kneels over Izuku clad in his black tunic, dark trousers and heavy boots when he rips the patches from his scent glands. The excessively pungent scent of pure alpha saturates the room and Izuku chokes on the intense musk.
“I’m Katsuki Bakugou, the Prime Alpha King of the East.”

Those words don’t register with Izuku until it’s too late and Katsuki has leaned down to claim the omega’s trembling lips. His hands run across Izuku’s body leaving a blazing trail from the pads of his fingertips.
The smaller gasps at every turn Katsuki’s makes and how he inches closer and closer to his aching body. He cockily breathes in Izuku’s scent and how it changed on his whim, the claim sinking into the omega’s bones, allowing for Katsuki to physically stain Izuku with his musk.
Large hands cup Izuku’s hips and part his aching thighs. The sensation of being held, of being captured that has Izuku preening, purring to his alpha for more and more, begging to be touched in the ways he craves and then some.

How could he refuse?
His alpha’s scent is intoxicating, wrapping around his neck in a vice grip along with his crimson eyes gazing piercingly into his soul. The alphas of Izuku’s kingdom have offered him treasures, land, even multiple kingdoms that he has yet to acquire through peaceful take over,
yet now none of that matters.

How could it possibly matter? Izuku never thought he’d meet an alpha like him, a prime able to satisfy his growing needs with every heat cycle and provide him with a family of his own-

A family? Izuku never thought of that before.
Is that what he wants? Is that why he could never accept those alpha’s before?

Katsuki rips Izuku from his trance by throwing his boots off and shedding his tunic that soon crumples to the floor in a pile of fabric.
The green haired omega finds himself staring helplessly at the bulging muscle, toned abdominals and thick biceps before making his way lower. A bulge mounds across his crotch, illuminating that the alpha indeed is a prime and his scent only proves that further.
Izuku can already picture the bulbous knot at the base of his cock- ready and throbbing for Izuku’s awaiting cunt. Izuku can already feel his folds whimpering with slick, trembling against Katsuki’s knee between his thighs, leaking onto his trousers and down onto Izuku’s robe.
“You're my queen, and I’m going to treat you as such, ya hear?”

The alpha growls as he leans back down to capture Izuku’s lips. Izuku barely has the capacity to fight the blond, even going as far as to clenching his legs around the alpha as subtle moans escape
his lips from being gurgled in his throat.

Izuku shoves the blond off in a fit of blushing and clenched teeth.

“I’m a king-”

He snaps viciously and to Katsuki’s amusement. The blond raises a brow, staring down at his omega fondly.

“You’re my queen, Deku.”
Izuku goes to speak up about the inaccurate pronunciation of his name when the blond bends down to shove Izuku further onto the large mattress. Izuku yelps, rearing his head to shriek at the alpha when he finds no one there to yell at.
Lips attack his exposed folds, hot breath licking at his clit and saturating the abundant slick. Izuku gasps out in shock, hands reaching to grip Katsuki’s blond hair between his tiny fingers that seemed to be dwarfed by the significantly taller alpha.

“H-hold on!”
Izuku cries out to which Katsuki gladly ignores by dipping his tongue into the heated folds. He holds himself there by anchoring onto the omega’s curved hips, nose nuzzled into the small soft patch of tasteful emerald pubic hair. His tongue laps at the engorged clit,
happily circling the organ all the while he brings a sole finger to circle the soaked, clenching hole of his omega.

Izuku’s head dips back, lips ajar as the sensation of bliss warps over his frame. He couldn’t believe the obscene actions the blond had bestowed upon his body
as the alpha works tirelessly sucking on his omega’s quivering cunt all while fingering his drenched hole. Katsuki’s second finger slips in, hooking up to knead the so preciously coveted g-spot.

Pleasure rips through his smaller frame, bucking frantically against
Katsuki’s skillful mouth and crooked fingers digging into his most sacred of places. A chaotic knot forms in the pit of his stomach, tying tighter and tighter until it finally snaps.

Izuku’s thighs tighten around Katsuki’s head, his fingers clutching Katsuki’s golden
strands as his back arches from the sheer ecstasy. The alpha’s tongue continues his ministrations, eagerly lapping at his omega’s sensitive privates as Izuku writhes under him beautifully.

Izuku shudders, rocking to the waves of his orgasm and into Katsuki’s awaiting mouth. The alpha hums against Izuku’s clit before raising his head from his precious meal.

Izuku stares at the ceiling in a complete daze when the alpha hovers over his exhausted body.
His lips are coated with a thin sheen of omegan slick that he happily licks from his skin with a quick swipe of his sinful tongue. His wine eyes darken at the sight of Izuku’s teary eyed expression.

“Do you feel like my queen yet?”

Katsuki questions him in a deep drawl.
Izuku narrows his eyes at the alpha, lips pursed as soon as he regains his composure.

“Fuck you.”

Izuku snarls. Katsuki chuckles at the hostility, rising to his knees in order to unbutton his pants to fish out his enraged erection.
Izuku’s eyes fall on the monster that is his cock, protruding with thick veins, a wide, throbbing girth, and a tall stature that Izuku could easily measure as longer than his entire face. He pales at the thought of taking anything that gargantuan.

“Fuck you? Oh, I will.”
The cocky alpha cackles to Izuku’s dismay. The emerald haired omega squeals when the blond attempts to part his thighs to grant himself access, spinning onto his stomach where he scrambles to reach the opposite side of the bed.

Heated hands clutch at Izuku’s hips,
dragging him back into place, ass up and face flush with the sheets. It’s all too quick, all too soon, especially when Izuku’s heat had hit him the week prior. The faux heat throbbing inside his body is only a response to the mating bond currently etched into his skin and
he couldn’t possibly be bound to this blond asshole for eternity-

Katsuki’s erection slides up the cleft of Izuku’s ass, riding up the top of his leaking cunt as he collects the dripping slick along his shaft. Izuku shivers, wriggling away, or at least attempting to.
“I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted,”

The blond gruffly states in his rutting mantra against Izuku’s throbbing pussy. Each sound of slick smearing across his skin and the alpha’s cock has him shivering in anticipation.

“I want nothing from you-”
Izuku attempts to rear his head, bearing his teeth at the blond when Katsuki forces Izuku’s face into the bed by a hand on the back of his neck.

“Oh? You don’t want me to fill you full of pups? You don’t want to be full right here?”
The alpha’s hand moves from Izuku’s neck to reach down to Izuku’s abdomen. Heat flashes across the area of Katsuki's caresses, reminding the green haired omega of how empty he truly feels and how no alpha has been able to make him complete his entire life.
”You don’t want someone to fuck a baby into you every single night? I’ll throw a feast that’ll last weeks the moment my child begins to grow in your belly, nothing will ever be more important.”

Izuku’s cheek flush at the sound of Katsuki’s voice so
intent on impregnating his omega. He’s never felt anything like how Katsuki made him feel in such a short period of time, he’s so confident, so determined, and most of all, so perfect.

It only takes Izuku a moment to arch his back downward, pushing back on the
blond’s cock edging around his trembling hole as his fingers clutch the bedding below. Katsuki’s shudders at the action, gladly caressing the omega’s softly rounded hips before smiling arrogantly.

“That’s what I thought.”
The blond croons, gladly accepting the omega’s compliance by slowly sinking into Izuku’s burning heat. Every inch has the omega hissing with the stretch gradually worsening with each passing moment.

They both sigh in relief as Katsuki bottoms out inside Izuku,
fully content just sitting there as one. The knot pulsates at the base of Katsuki’s shaft, mocking Izuku with its impressive size that he questions if it’s humanly possible to take.

The smaller’s walls clench down on Katsuki to which the alpha pulls from Izuku’s heated cunt.
It’s slow and steady when the blond pulls from the green haired omega’s body before slamming back inside without hesitation. Izuku’s body would have flown forward if it wasn’t for Katsuki’s hands anchoring on his hips so deliciously,
leaving handprints on each side that Izuku’s sure the blond will admire in the morning.

The thought of being mates with the strange alpha has Izuku on edge, still almost uneasy with the idea. He came to terms with the fact that he would never meet a prime alpha in his lifetime;
he wanted so bad to have a husband that could satisfy him and still provide him with a family he could care for, spoil rotten, and cherish for the rest of his life.

He never thought that it would be an enemy alpha that would claim him and be the prime alpha
he never thought he’d meet. How could he? The thought of having a family had been something so out of reach and now suddenly, Katsuki appears and promises him such?

“Ngh… More!”

Izuku whines, caressing Katsuki’s thigh behind him with a gentle hand.
The alpha croons, reaching down to accept Izuku’s waiting hand before picking up the other one soon after.

He holds both of them and transfers the small wrists into a single hand as he tugs Izuku up from the mattress. He holds Izuku there, dangling and hovering over the
mattress for when the alpha pounds into Izuku’s slickened hole, graciously giving into the omega’s request with all his strength.

The sensation of being pounded into, fucked and speared has Izuku panting, moaning into the air as his city drips with the blood of the fallen.
For a moment, he forgets all about the dead lying on the streets and the army currently pillaging his city for food and ale. All he thinks about is Katsuki, the blond alpha who stole away his heart and fucked into his throbbing cunt so wildly.
He couldn’t think of anything else even if he tried.

Izuku cries out at Katsuki’s expertly directed thrusts, preening as pleasure overtakes his body for the second time that night. His cunt clenches down on Katsuki’s cock, squeezing his flesh to which the alpha refuses to slow,
continuously fucking Izuku through his orgasm, pounding away as the sound of slickened skin slaps together, creating a mantra of sexual music that has Izuku moaning out for more.

Katsuki drops Izuku’s arms and allows him to fall to the bed. He turns his omega’s hips around,
flipping him similar to a rag doll and pulls Izuku to him, sliding the omega on the covers in a dominant tug.

It only takes a moment for Katsuki to slide back into his mate, groaning into the newly wounded shoulder before swinging his hips into the
green haired omega’s tight heat. His low grunts in Izuku’s ear has him whimpering and holding on to Katsuki’s broad and muscled shoulders. His nails dig into the flesh and leaves red rivers etched down Katsuki’s back, marking him in more ways than one.
Izuku can’t help how he wants to mark Katsuki, claim him in his own messed up way and then saturate the blond in his sweet scent. He refuses to allow Katsuki to fuck any other omega, no other omega royalty that he finds and definitely not a prime.
He wants to keep Katsuki to himself, fuck Katsuki whenever he pleases, and have his pups too.

He can imagine how beautiful their children will be and that’s when Izuku feels the knot slip into his awaiting hole. He trembles at the feeling,
moaning into Katsuki’s shoulder as his fangs nip at the tough skin. He feels the burning stretch as Katsuki grinds into him, awaiting his knot to fully inflate with him coaxing another orgasm from Izuku’s body.

The omega preens, legs squeezing around Katsuki’s hips and his
arms wrapping around his neck. Katsuki laps at the fresh mating wound and even nibbles around the indent all the while Izuku bites into Katsuki’s shoulder to give him a matching mark.

Izuku moans into the bloodied skin as his cunt clenches around Katsuki’s length and Katsuki
unleashes burning cum into his womb.

It’s a moment of bliss that Izuku can’t quite explain. He feels ethereal, tranquil in the fact that he has an alpha that promises to take care of him, treat him as a queen just as he would have hoped his future mate would.
He couldn’t imagine what he would do if Katsuki hadn’t vowed to be a honourable mate.

They both pant in each other’s company, nipping at one another’s lips by placing chaste kisses and longing pecks as they bask in the afterglow of their passionate thrall.
Izuku couldn’t be happier.
Katsuki’s horse couldn’t move any faster despite his constant urging and boot to it’s ribs. The palace looked so far away yet still so close. He could feel his heart thrumming in his chest, anticipation boiling in the pit of his stomach.
Kirishima, his second in command, struggles to keep up with his speed, opting to gallop at a length behind him instead of attempting to keep pace. Their presences at the palace wouldn’t go unnoticed and Katsuki would rather not be late for such an important occasion.
They race through the city streets, dodging the citizens with baskets of followers and cheering faces as they pass. A narrow pathway they made barely fits the alpha’s horse, but he still urges forward, still eager to make it to the place steps with time to spare.
The gate closes behind them and Katsuki dismounts in front of the grand stairs of the palace. Emerald spires of the palace still amaze him to this day even with the invasion only still new in his eyes. He yanks the glorious white pelt from his panting horse,
handing the gelding off to the nearest soldier in favour of running up the palace steps and through the grand doors.

Kaminari, Katsuki’s advisor, runs to his side, eyes wide and waving his arms frantically.

“You’re late! It’s already happened!”
Kaminari hisses as they grace the stairs up to the royal west wing of the palace. He waves Kaminari off who clicks his tongue off the roof of his mouth in an annoyed tutt.

He finds himself outside the room he entered so many months before,
pelt in his trembling hand as he closes his eyes. The various people waiting outside the room don’t dare come near him or the doors of the room, yet still hover hoping to catch a glimpse of what’s inside.

Katsuki’s fingers push on the door,
allowing for the soldiers awaiting at the door frame to quickly shut the door after he enters.

The room smells sweetly of milk and honey. Several maids scurry from the bed and out of the room as soon as he made his entrance, curtly bowing their heads out of respect.
He doesn’t acknowledge them though, only staring at his mate curled up on the bed, covered by a knitted pink blanket.

He approaches cautiously, allowing the omega to catch his scent long before Izuku actually sees him approach. His mate glances up,
staring into Katsuki’s eyes and analyzing him closely. It takes him a moment to smile and gesture the alpha to near the bed.


The omega giggles softly before looking down fondly at the tiny bundle nestled near his chest.
Katsuki sharply inhales at the sight of a tiny hand wrapped around Izuku’s index finger and the soft cooing echoing from the bundle of blankets. His heart pounds wildly in his chest as he cautiously approaches, kicking off his boots in the process as he slides onto the bed.
He’s able to get a decent look at the creature inside the bundle with it’s tiny button nose and it’s rosy cheeks.

“It’s a little girl,”

Izuku whispers to him, wiggling his finger as his little girl whines at a particular movement and noses in Katsuki’s general direction.
He sensed how the tiny infant inhaled his scent, cooing for the source of that smell by waving her tiny hand.

Katsuki brings the pelt he journeyed so far to acquire to wrap around the infant under Izuku’s careful eye, holding the child in his arms gently.
He feels himself shaking as the thought of breaking her beautiful little body has his body aching with nervous anxiety.

Izuku sits up in the bed, gently pulling the edge of the blanket to peek at his daughter’s face as she nestles into Katsuki’s chest happily.
They settle on the many pillows atop their bed, pressed together as they direct their adoring eyes to their newly born daughter.

“What should we name her?”

Katsuki questions softly, Izuku leans his head on Katsuki’s broad shoulder as he ponders his answer.
They both seem entranced by the small human as they stare down at her with loving eyes.

“I think you already know.”

Izuku chides playfully.

“No I don’t, you should pick something nice-”

Izuku waves his hand, smiling up at the blond who seems more or less clueless.
“All those times you were talking to her in the night, I could hear you, Kacchan.”

Katsuki’s face reddens with a scarlet blush at the mention of his softened exterior in the face of his offspring.

“I like the name you picked.”
Izuku whispers as he bestows a soft kiss on the alpha’s flushed cheek.

Katsuki glances back down at the cooing infant, eyes taking in her grabbing hands and how her lips resemble his own. He can’t help how her name rolls off his tongue so easily.


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