I hope that Biden/Harris are declared victorious based on the electronic vote tally in November. But if they aren’t and if the result deviates significantly from reputable & well conducted polls or if it is close, then they must not concede. (Video by @FreeBeYouMe)
“By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” -Rigged by @davidashimer 1/
“Before election day, ... [just] thirty-six local election offices let DHS assess the security of their voting systems. But this progress, while positive, was insufficient." - Rigged, p. 196. 2/
As explained by Jeh Johnson, "We don't have surveillance tools to surveil what is happening with voter registration and election infrastructure unless the state offers up what they have and opens their closet for us." - Rigged, p. 182. 3/
4/ https://twitter.com/segreenhalgh/status/1295469013078814721
5/ https://twitter.com/kimzetter/status/1206576205257854977
6/ https://twitter.com/KimZetter/status/1087433368264790016
7/ https://twitter.com/andreachalupa/status/1298431389956747271
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