police or some form of policing to uphold a presence of order is a necessity in every society regardless of its economic organization. when cops overpolice or brutalize black communities they fail their duty to protect and serve those communities. there is no order then.
same thing happens when cops start knocking on heads rather than letting protests continue peacefully, which escalates every demonstration into violence. if they’re too busy agitating, they can’t establish peace & order.
even anarchist communes in the most utopian sense still need a group of democratically voted individuals tasked w dealing w issues in the cluster which include detainment, harm prevention and solving crimes. i also acknowledge cops routinely fail to do that under capitalism.
btw, i am no way shape or form saying that our current form of police is in any way good. demilitizarion, defunding and legislative accountability is a priority. all so we can have a form of policing that truly serves everyone, rather than serving the interest of capital over ppl
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