So ,I casually tweeted #GodBlessSidNaaz at 3 am bfr sleep and in no time 50 people rted , little surprised
Just then saw ,a malasiyan woman was praying fr #SidNaaz in her prayer at 5 am there
Being a #SidHearts ,I hav to say , nobody can love them like #SidNaazians
It's insane we go Abt some shitty handles but if u watch altogether, kind of love they r getting,it's insane ,I have never seen this kind of attachment and hav seen a lot ,it's not Abt hype or views or mv
It's something beyond and so sacred , people literally pray fr them
Target as much u can ,most of them simply don't care ,they r unbothered,most of them are silently loving them , with all their hearts in their respective prayers of all kind
I'm sure nothing bad can happen with #SidharthShukla and #ShehnaazGill ,given pure love they r getting
I just want @sidharth_shukla and @ishehnaaz_gill to know that they are being loved mostly by their silent admirers, people who don't show up in their commen section or don't use tags ,they just love u bcs they simply don't care fr anything else , that's something I hav to learn❤️
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