In 2012 and 2013 Seamus Woulfe was appointed by Minister for Environment Phil Hogan to carry two reviews relating to the purchase of land by Wicklow Co Co. The first report is 31 pages and the second report is 78 pages. Total fees paid to Woulfe were €68,880. 1/
The report then became the subject of High Court Defamation proceedings against Wicklow Co. Co. and it was suggested to Mr Woulfe (a Senior Counsel at the time) that his appointment to carry out the reports was party political. He denied this. 2/
He also could not recall whether or not he had been given a key report (in relation to flooding) as part of the review. He also denied earlier newspaper reports that he edited ‘factual reality’ in relation to his report. Ultimately the defamation proceedings were successful. 3/
Interestingly, According to the Irish Independent, during cross examination Woulfe claimed he was appointed by then Junior Minister for Housing Willie Penrose (Lab) to carry out the reports. However in both reports he states he was appointed by Phil Hogan. End.
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