"white mass shooters get detained but cops don't know how to NOT murder black people!"

no, that's not true:

John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo shot & killed 17 people from February 16, 2002 to October 24, 2002 in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area & Arizona. both detained.
Markeith Loyd murdered his pregnant girlfriend & then murdered Lt. Debra Clayton in Orlando, Florida. detained. sentenced to life in prison.
Timmy Earl Kinner stabbed 9 people at a toddlers birthday party. among these people was the 3 y/o birthday girl who died. taken into custody, as you can see.
Willie Godbolt killed 8 people, including a sheriff's deputy & was detained.
Jahmell Crockam shot an officer in the head point blank. detained.
Quincy Smith unloaded into a black officer, murdering them in cold blood. detained.
Quentin Smith murdered 2 officers. detained.
Brandon Bradley murdered a female officer by shooting her in the head point blank. detained.
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