Adweek's @heidefaith introduces the Hispanic and Latin American Summit, with leaders in marketing and advertising who will share their honest perspectives about hidden bias, leading under unique circumstances and actions we can all take to accelerate systemic change.
We're powerful, but we think weak. We're big but we think small. So we have to understand that we are huge contributors to the country. And we need allies to take us for who we are and open the door for us. — @WAAH_Foundation's @claudiagonzalez #AdweekDEI
The times for brands to act and engage with Hispanics is now because Hispanics mean growth We needs brands to see that we are full of potential. We represent 50% of growth for communities but we represent less than 5% of investment. — @WAAH_Foundation's @claudiagonzalez #AdweekDEI
"Proximity is the quickest path to empathy." —  @heidefaith #AdweekDEI
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