When the church is truly confident in what it believes, it welcomes the questions of the rising generation. The insecure shut down questioning. Christian growth requires a searching heart. Searching hearts question the faith they were given not in order to destroy it
but in order to make it their own. The faith is rejected not because the church lacks all the answers; it is rejected when questions are not allowed. If we are confident in the faith, we can cradle our youth in a vibrant faith and in that environment encourage their questioning.
If we respect them enough to respect their questions, we can and will walk with them in their search for truth. They are most likely to own the faith if they know the faithful as confident believers who are themselves sincere searchers for the truth. They need to know
how we appropriate and live our faith before they will sincerely make the faith their own. We must all continually seek to conform our faith to the faith, i.e., to the Word of God. Lord I believe, help my unbelief; Lord I know, help me to know more fully and more correctly.
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