i have a sticker on my car expressly warning cops that i have a passenger with autism so that they don’t kill him if i get pulled over https://twitter.com/miamipd/status/1298667203064139776
please never call the police if anyone with autism is involved. police are not well trained, do not understand nonverbal communicators, and will simply shoot them if they can’t figure out what’s going on
also, as many people have said, Autism Speaks is an organization with massive issues that does not speak for or serve people with autism. branding a cop car with their logo is a sign of how fucked both these institutions are.
i want to apologize: i often slip into using outdated language, a holdover from my time in education. many autistic people prefer “austistic person” instead of “person with autism,” and my tweets should have been phrased that way.
this is what it looks like. you can order similar ones a bunch of places online, but this is what i have on my window/in my glovebox.

https://twitter.com/franziamom/status/1274427915346702336?s=21 https://twitter.com/franziamom/status/1274427915346702336
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